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Collection Shipping Container Houses If you've used the Internet recently (and I *know* you have), you will have seen articles like "7 Shipping Container Homes that will Blow Your Freaking Mind" or "You'll Never Guess What's Inside This Shipping Container" (Spoiler: It's an adorable, pint-sized house). Yep. Shipping Container Houses are all the rage on the Internet. And for good reason. With a bit of skill, a shipping container can be transformed into a beautiful, low-cost, environmentally friendly home. I say a bit of skill because, despite what some advocates (read: marketers) would have you believe, building a container home isn't much easier than building a traditional house. In some ways it's even harder!
Collection House Plans Find a range of house plans for your inspiration. From one bedroom houses to larger family homes, you're sure to find the house plans you need here. Collection Carpet Warm and comfortable underfoot, carpet can make a living area or bedroom feel more cozy and welcoming. You can also be bold with carpet colours.
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Collection Joinery Joinery can be expensive to build, but the payoffs are huge. Whether it's designed to hide everything away, or to put your favourite items on show, clever joinery can make the most of even the smallest spaces. And the difference between well-made, quality joinery and the stuff you pick up from IKEA speaks for itself in how well it lasts and how long it looks fantastic (good joinery won't peel). Check out some of the Joinery projects featured on Lunchbox Architect for some inspiration for your own project.
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Collection Staircases Staircases come in all shapes and sizes, but the best examples of staircases are features of the home in and of themselves.
Collection Timber Kitchens Timber kitchens feel warm and welcoming in any home. Timber in the kitchen makes this area feel less stark and can be a statement.
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Collection Concrete Floors Concrete floors offer a hard-wearing (virtually indestructible) surface and can also help to moderate temperature inside the home. The range and variety of concrete floors available is mind-boggling. You can expose the aggregate, polish, add oxide to colour the concrete or a combination of all of these options. The best designs utilise the thermal mass of concrete to absorb the sun's heat to keep the home warmer in winter. Pair concrete floors with clerestory windows facing the sun to achieve this win-win situation.
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Collection Tiles For bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere, really, tiles can add a splash of colour, pattern and texture to liven up any space. Get plenty of tile ideas from this collection.
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Collection Brick Houses Bricks are one of the oldest building materials. And the fact that so many of the first brick structures are around today is a testament to their longevity and timeless style. Bricks are versatile, durable and affordable. There's a reason the age-old advice is to invest in bricks and mortar. Need some brick house inspiration? There are plenty of ideas out there - take a look at some brick houses we hand-picked for you...
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Collection Timber Houses Check out some of the Timber Houses projects featured on Lunchbox Architect
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Collection Sliding Glass Doors Sliding glass doors blur the boundary between inside and outside. When open sliding glass doors create an indoor/outdoor connection.
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Collection White Kitchens White is a safe and elegant choice for the kitchen. Take a look at all the white kitchens we've featured on Lunchbox Architect...

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