Designed by Utz-Sanby Architects

With a 1960s house designed by a well-known architect, Peter Johnson in need of a renovation, what do you do? Well, with respect for the qualities that made that home unique, you can sensitively update the home without losing its character...

60s Revamp Exterior

Set on a beautiful, bushy site, this 1960s house renovation in Sydney's Chatswood by Utz-Sanby Architects pays homage to the dramatic rooflines, materials and connection to the landscape the original home was renowned for while adding a roof over the original verandah, extending the living area onto this covered outdoor space, extending the kitchen and adding a new main bedroom suite.

60s Revamp COLORBOND® Steel

The additions are built forward of the existing house, with the new bedroom wing defining a new entry, highlighted with a yellow soffit which creates a joyous entry to the home. Similarly, the new butterfly roof complements the existing sloped roofs which follow the slope of the land and helps the living area to open up to the landscape and sky.

60s Revamp

While the interiors have been updated, they incorporate elements of the original home, like timber panelling, glass partitions, clerestory windows and timber handrails which helps to retain some of that 1960s charm.

60s Revamp COLORBOND® Steel

Parts of the additions, like the kitchen addition and a window seat in the bedroom pop out of the bagged and painted brickwork. Clad in COLORBOND® steel in Woodland Grey®, they contrast with the home yet also blend in with the surrounding bushland.

60s Revamp

60s Revamp COLORBOND® Steel

That striking yellow returns in the newly covered verandah, making the living areas feel warm and sunny. With the large sliding doors windows in the updated kitchen open, the living areas feel at one with the bushland, floating in the treetops.

60s Revamp Louvre Windows

60s Revamp Bathrooms

By working with the original home and adding modern touches which complement the home and help it take advantage of its beautiful bush location, this 1960s house renovation makes the most of its site and existing conditions. There are still elements of the original home carried through the renovations, ensuring the home doesn't lose the sense of where it came from.

60s Revamp House Plans

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