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Compact Terrace Renovation

When dealing with tight sites, it's important to take advantage of all available space. Tang House is a compact terrace extension that utilizes every nook and cranny to create a versatile home that defies its size.

On the ground floor, an open-plan kitchen, living and dining area surround a new laundry, bathroom and stair. Upstairs, a light well and private roof terrace compliment a master bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

4site Architecture's clever terrace extension sure packs a lot in to a small space!

Tang House

Tang House

Splayed Planning

A splayed plan opens the backyard to the house. The concrete bench seat creates a sunny place to relax with a book.

The deep window reveal creates a nice place to relax and shades the living area during the summer.

Tang House COLORBOND® Steel, Roofing, Roof Deck

Roof Terrace

Talk about creating usable spaces in unlikely places!

This private open-air sitting area occupies the space between the original house and the new extension, creating an outdoor retreat for the master bedroom. With the help of a bit of artificial turf, a space that would have been forgotten can instead be used.

Tang House Kitchens

Services Core

By creating a services core with bathroom, laundry and stair, 4 Site Architecture have freed up the surrounding space for open plan living and circulation.

An elevated ceiling and shadow line above the dining and living area creates the sense of space in the open-plan living area.

Tang House Concrete Floors, Tiles

Tang House Window Seat

Built-in Daybed

A sunny built-in daybed and lounge tuck into the end of the splayed plan. Windows connect this cozy space with the outdoors, visually expanding the space and making it feel light and bright.

Storage beneath the lounge and daybed, maximizes all available space.

Tang House Kitchens

Storage, Storage, (and more) Storage

One thing that sets effective small spaces apart from cramped, useless spaces is storage. And this home packs storage into every conceivable nook.

Open shelves under the built-in lounge, walls of concealed storage in the living area and numerous hidey holes for books and knick-knacks means the space can feel uncluttered and spacious because there's a place for everything.

Tang House Staircases, Study

Even the Stair Has Hiding Places

This stair is probably the best example of how well Tang House utilizes space:

  • Built-in seat provides a resting place if you just can't manage those extra three steps.
  • A bright red book nook means your favorite mag is within reach.
  • Best of all the balustrade doubles as a bookshelf.
  • Plus, the master bedroom's study nook hides in the background.

Tang House

Versatile Space

Even the bedroom can be used in a number of ways. A sliding door can close off the space completely for interruption-free sleep and privacy. Or it can be opened up to light and the rest of the house for use as a study space or breakout living area.

Tang House Bathrooms, Basins, Hydronic Heating

Tang House House Plans

Tang House House Plans

Tang House House Plans

Making the Most of Limited Space

Given just how tight this site is, 4 Site Architecture have done a tremendous job of making a versatile, functional and fun contemporary home. This terrace renovation is an example of how much is possible with a small space. With a little foresight, adequate storage and clever design decisions, a small house can feel larger than it actually is.

Every nook and cranny is used in this house.

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