Lunchbox Architect provides information and inspiration for people interested in building or renovating their own home. Every weekday we feature a high-quality, but affordable architecturally-designed home. Advertising with Lunchbox Architect puts your brand in front of a loyal audience of home enthusiasts, architects and design professionals primarily from Australia and New Zealand.

35% of Lunchbox subscribers are Architects or building professionals with the power to specify

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A recent SpecifiedBy survey revealed architects and specifiers prefer to do independent research before selecting a product for their projects. Based on a survey of Lunchbox Architect readers, we know 35% of our subscribers are architects and specifiers who use Lunchbox Architect as a source of inspiration and information. With over 80% of these subscribers receiving a daily email from us, and the remainder a weekly email, advertising with Lunchbox Architect means your message will reach this important audience regularly and at the right time - when they're making decisions.

55% of Lunchbox subscribers are planning to build or renovate their homes

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A large chunk of Lunchbox subscribers are savvy consumers who want to understand better ways to build or renovate their homes. These readers have an understanding of the importance of good design and many are interested in the services of an architect or design professional. These readers are also interested in sustainable choices, products and building materials. Highlight your products or services to these readers as they dream about, plan or build their new home or renovation.

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