After meeting at the University of Tasmania, Zammi Rohan and Tom Curtis established 9point9 Architects in 2011. The practice has a cross-state presence - Zammi is based in Townsville, while Tom is in Melbourne. The two studios are owned and operated separately but work together closely by sharing resources, collaborating and critiquing each others' projects. The two studio model has worked well for 9point9, allowing them to combine the breadth and variety of a larger firm with the focus and inclusive spirit of a smaller firm.

9point9 Architecture's emphasis on inclusiveness and engaging the broader community with architecture results in a rich and diverse aesthetic - no two projects are the same. It's more important to 9point9 that their buildings function well, make the best of the clients' budgets and are appropriate to their context and climate than pursuing any an aesthetic agenda.

The connecting thread in 9point9's work is the execution of the brief while responding to climate/sustainability needs practically, yet with creative flair. Taken chronologically, the firms' continued development becomes clear - a credit to the collaboration and combined knowledge of their entire team and a reflection on their inclusive approach to practice.