By Liz Hayward, Interior Decorator & Stylist

With the home renovation boom which started during the peak of the pandemic flowing over into 2021, Australian’s are more keen than ever to create a cosy home this winter. When the days get cooler and the evenings darker we want to retreat to our own comfortable space and spend quality time with family and friends.

Following on from last year we still prefer to entertain at home, no matter how much the hospitality industry tries to reel us in, having space where we can host during the winter months is a must. Before the temperature really drops, now is a great time to start to transform your home with these reno ‘must-haves’ for winter entertaining.

Outdoor fire pit

An outdoor fire pit is a fantastic winter entertaining option. Think about how you can gather your friends around, play some fantastic music, have the open fire and enjoy the warmth and comfort that it brings.

Five reno ‘must haves’ this winter Renovations

Window treatments

Inside you want to add layers and textures to your space on a number of levels. Blinds or curtains go a long way in creating a warm and inviting home. They are not only there for aesthetics they play a really large part in keeping the cold air out and the warm air in.


It is important to consider lighting when adding different layers to a room. Adding in lamps where possible allows you to have the overhead lights dimmed and the lamps on. This can create such a sense of warmth. If you’re in more of the planning/building phase, keep these things in mind from the start. This means planning power points in the right places or allowing for a cavity or pelmet to install curtains or shutters.

Audio set up

Whether it’s a high-quality hi-fi system for movie nights, or built-in outdoor speakers for the fire pit singalongs, audio is such an integral part of entertaining. Brands like Dynaudio offer stylish hand-crafted speakers that fit seamlessly into any home design.

Soft Furnishings

On an aesthetic level, you can add chunky wool throws to your bed and sofa along with some textured cushions to create a space you can really snuggle in to for nights at home with your family. Sit around the coffee table and play a board game, or do a puzzle – comfy and cosy are the two key themes here.

Photo by Max LaRochelle on Unsplash