Foam Bed-in-a-Box: Tulo Mattress Review

Tulo mattress is a foam bed-in-a-box mattress offering from Mattress Firm. In the Chichewa language, Tulo means sleep. It is a very appealing and memorable name. This mattress arrives in three different firmness choices: firm, medium, and soft.

There is no denying that the bed-in-a-box mattress idea has increased in popularity over the years. But some people don’t know that Mattress Firm, one of the biggest retailers in the U.S., provides an online mattress named Tulo, which vies with Purple, Tuft and Needle, Casper, and many more.

Tulo believes that its consumers must not settle for less. For that reason, the company provides a unique delivery service and different firmness choices to satisfy one’s needs. For a little help, we will walk you through the important things to keep in mind about Tulo mattresses. So, take a read!

Foam Bed-in-a-Box: Tulo Mattress Review

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Materials and Quality

The Tulo mattress is an all-foam mattress that is delivered squeezed or pressed together in a box. You can use any flat surface as a base for this mattress, for example, adjustable frames. Moreover, you can buy proprietary bases on the website of the company.

The Tencel Blended Fabric and Knitted Polyester cover should feel cool and soft to touch. Tencel is composed of wood cellulose and, for the most part, is biodegradable and sustainable, which is a huge plus for shoppers who are environmentally concerned. The overall mattress height is ten inches.

The first layer is made of two inches blend of high-density Cool Flow ventilated memory foam and titanium particles. It aids in preventing heat from being trapped inside the foam.

Moreover, the second layer is composed of one and a half inches of breathable foam that highlights a “Peak and Valley” design and open-cell technology that keeps air flowing throughout its composition, preventing you from overheating.

The third layer is made of two inches blend of strut reinforcement and responsive foam, providing support for the first and second layers. Also, it aids in maintaining the entire durability of the bed.

Lastly, the fourth layer is made up of four and a half inches of high-density polyurethane material. Consumers may select from the Firm, Medium, and Soft foundation layers.

Support and Feel

On sleepadvisor’s firmness scale, the Tulo mattress lands at the medium comfort level. The sleepadvisor’s scale is from one to ten, with one being too soft and ten being too firm. Medium comfort can, for the most part, be a matter of likings and taste, and people might be inclined to this bed.

For those who prefer the classic feel of memory foam, you can undoubtedly enjoy the deep hug offered by the Tulo mattress. Also, you should feel robust and strong lumbar support as the foam shapes to your body as you sink into the mattress.

However, the foam is faintly slow to react, which is typical with memory foam mattresses. Still, the robust support core should give and offer uncomplicated repositioning. A lot of all-foam mattresses don’t give a lot of bounces. And this mattress is one of those, which is best for people who love the cradling, sinking feeling of memory foam.

Edge Support

For the most part, all-foam products usually provide weaker edge support than those with coils and springs inside. Tulo mattresses appear to perform better in this area. However, slight compression is evident while lying and sitting on the edge of the mattress. Individuals who prefer sleeping on the edge of the bed can take advantage of this surface.

Motion Transfer

All-foam mattresses usually absorb vibrations and energy, getting rid of motion transfer completely. Sleepers should perceive slight motion transfer from a Tulo mattress. It might be a critical consideration for sleepers who share their bed.

Other Considerations

Tulo provides free shipping, free returns, and a risk-free trial period like most bed-in-a-box companies do. It’ll take at least five business days for the bed to be delivered at your home. And as you would expect, it’s rolled up and compressed inside a box.

Tulo offers a 120-night trial period so that you can try the mattress. If you feel like the mattress does not suit you, then you can call the company to get the mattress out of your home, and give you a full refund. Moreover, Tulo offers a 10-year warranty, protecting consumers against material and manufacturing defects.


Size Dimensions Price
Twin 39” x 75” x 10” $575
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 10” $600
Full 54” x 75” x 10” $650
Queen 60” x 80” x 10” $750
King 76” x 80” x 10” $950
California King 72” x 84” x 10” $950


The company stresses emphasis and significance on the choice of the shoppers, offering different firmness options and the option to try the product. Tulo mattress blends enhanced motion isolation and deep hug with uncomplicated repositioning and better edge support. This tulo mattress review aims to guide you in purchasing this mattress online.

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