We're Closed for Renovations

Back in the early days of the Internet you'd see building sites all over the place - "Our Website is Under Construction". Sadly this building boom met its bust and we're no longer greeted with 'fun' GIFs of jackhammers and flashing construction signs on every second click. But we think it's time to do some renovating at Lunchbox Architect, (tragically) GIF free. Let me explain…

I started Lunchbox Architect just under two years ago - January 2014. In that short time I've been surprised, delighted and humbled by how quickly the site has grown and how much lovely feedback I've received from readers who find the site useful for the inspiration and ideas they need.

Other than approaching the terrible twos, we've recently hit a couple of other milestones - 1000 email subscribers and 10,000 unique monthly visitors. So we reckon it's a pretty auspicious time to make some long overdue changes. Queue the sledgehammers!

Because, like so many of the homes we feature, Lunchbox Architect has felt cramped and constrained in the virtual equivalent of a pokey inner-city terrace with a rickety lean-to out back. Great potential. Great bones. But struggling under the pressure of a rapidly growing audience and lofty aspirations.

So, here's what we're gunna do. We'll be closed for renovations for the next week (the site will still be available for browsing, but we won't be posting any new featured homes. We'll be too busy illegally disposing of asbestos fighting about paint colours. And we'll all cross our fingers that the renovations will stay on budget and we'll all be settled in again by Christmas (that's the primary aim of a renovation, right?).

The big reveal will take place next week - Monday 30th November. Actually, I don't want to get your hopes up. You might not notice too many changes. But rest assured, the new design will have flexibility and space to grow built in - just like any good terrace reno. And over the following weeks and months I'll introduce a number of other changes that will make Lunchbox more fun and useful for you guys. You'll be the first to know.

See you all again for business as usual on Monday!

In the meantime, feel free to browse some of Lunchbox's favourite renovations (to get a sense of what we're up against) and/or, reply and tell us a little bit about your renovation dreams or disasters. We'd love to hear some stories…


(because I missed this guy).

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