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Have you heard of glamping? Glamping combines glamour and camping. It's for people who like to explore naturally beautiful landscapes without the hassle of pitching a tent and fending off six and eight-legged fiends. When you think about glamping, think about back-to-basics structures with just enough comfort and style to make it accessible for even the most indoorsy people. When you go glamping, you'll have a real bed, a real toilet and maybe even a TV. But why would you want to watch TV when you're surrounded by beautiful rainforests, rolling hills with grazing sheep or barren but spectacular red dessert? Oh, unless The Bachelor is on, then go ahead!

Glamping featured on Lunchbox Architect

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#CabinPorn: 7 of Australia's Best Huts, Shacks, Cabins and Retreats

Sometimes people are dicks. Escape and Thoreau yourself into this collection of Australia's best huts, shacks, cabins and retreats...

A Home Inspired by the Feelings of Camping Under a Simple Tarpaulin

In a natural clearing of bushland, this home with simple detailing and an earthy palette captures the spirit and joy of camping.

An Off-the-Grid Home Appropriate to its Stunning Rainforest Location

This off-the-grid home is close to the beach in the Daintree Rainforest — an ancient ecosystem deserving a thoughtful approach to site.

Port-a-Bach: A Portable Teeny Tiny Shipping Container Home

This 'Bach' - a New Zealand term for a small holiday shack - is built inside a shipping container. It's a self-contained, portable, and fun retreat for a family of four.

Kurreki: Glamping Looks Good in this Back to Basics Beach Retreat

In true glamping style Kurreki Beach Retreat has real beds but opens completely onto a courtyard and uses mosquito nets and shower curtains where necessary.

Rusty Shipping Container Transformed into a Glamorous Guest House

For less than the price of a new car, a rusty old shipping container is transformed into a stunning guest house. What a bargain!

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