Rusting Steel

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Rusting Steel, commonly known by its proprietary name, CorTen or weathering steel is a corrosion resistant steel that develops a distinctive rust-coloured patina.

Due to its durability it is commonly seen used for shipping containers, but increasingly has made its way into the back and front yards of people's homes. Whether used for landscaping or facades, rusting steel offers a durable and unique feature.

One thing to be aware of (especially if you're a neat-freak), is rusting steel's tendency to stain anything it drips on. The surface colour is real rust, so runoff from the material will leave rust coloured stains. If you're happy with an earthy, industrial look, rust-stained concrete can be beautiful, but if you're a bit more of a clean-lined modernista, rust marks everywhere might send your self-diagnosed OCD into hyperdrive.

Fine Detailing Takes Rustic, Shed-Like Materials to the Next Level...

This modern farmhouse combines a manager's residence, stable and self contained two-bedroom apartment in finely detailed modern sheds.

A House for Rock Climbers, Artists and, of Course, Their Friends...

Two avid climbers, a professor and a gallery owner, teamed up to build a house in the Blue Mountains to host fellow climbers and artists.

Shallard House Features a Living Area Suspended Above the Ground

A piece of engineering ingenuity, Shallard House's living area is suspended like a bridge to capture lake views and maintain privacy.

Pacific House Uses Burnt Timber and Rusting Steel to Dramatic Effect

Clad in burnt timber and weathered steel sheets, Pacific House is a beautiful house that takes full advantage of the dramatic site.

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