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If you've used the Internet recently (and I know you have), you will have seen articles like "7 Shipping Container Homes that will Blow Your Freaking Mind" or "You'll Never Guess What's Inside This Shipping Container" (Spoiler: It's an adorable, pint-sized house).

Yep. Shipping Container Houses are all the rage on the Internet. And for good reason. With a bit of skill, a shipping container can be transformed into a beautiful, low-cost, environmentally friendly home.

I say a bit of skill because, despite what some advocates (read: marketers) would have you believe, building a container home isn't much easier than building a traditional house. In some ways it's even harder!

Check out some of the Shipping Container Homes we've featured on Lunchbox Architect to see what's possible:

Shipping Container House Floats Among the Trees with Ocean Views

We're all a little bit obsessed with shipping container houses. You'll understand why once you take a look at this home...

Port-a-Bach: A Portable Teeny Tiny Shipping Container Home

This 'Bach' - a New Zealand term for a small holiday shack - is built inside a shipping container. It's a self-contained, portable, and fun retreat for a family of four.

Rusty Shipping Container Transformed into a Glamorous Guest House

For less than the price of a new car, a rusty old shipping container is transformed into a stunning guest house. What a bargain!

Low-cost Family Container Home in South Korea

This family know how to save serious Won. They created a modern and bright container home using just three 20' shipping containers. A translucent skin provides extra space at a rock-bottom price...

Looks Are Deceiving at this Eco-Friendly Shipping Container House

Just because you live in an affordable, eco-friendly shipping container house doesn't mean all your neighbors need to know about it...

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