Flemington Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Flemington, a vibrant suburb in Melbourne, is known for its multicultural community and eclectic architecture. Ideal for new homes and renovations, Flemington offers a unique urban lifestyle with a community feel. Architects in Flemington excel at creating designs that reflect the area’s diverse character while providing modern amenities. With excellent schools, local markets, and convenient transport links, Flemington is perfect for families and professionals seeking a dynamic and connected living environment. Invest in a property that captures the essence of this vibrant Melbourne suburb.

Dover Townhouses by DOOD Studio (via Lunchbox Architect)

What If Your Young Kids Could Grow up Next Door to Their Cousins?

A pigeon pair of townhouses allow two brothers and their young families to live side-by-side; the perfect place to raise their kids.

Residence AD&H by Open Studio Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Imagine if Grandma's house was next door and connected by a bridge!

Solving two families' problems in one move: create a link between the two homes to create the perfect multi-generational home...