4 Ideas for Upgrading Your Bachelor Pad

4 Ideas for Upgrading Your Bachelor Pad

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Your home is your home, and you should enjoy it. It’s time to embrace what you’ve always wanted and will value the most — like a gaming room or a decked-out kitchen. Here are some ideas for upgrading your bachelor pad:

Pick a Decor Theme

If your college days are long gone, then your college dorm style should be, too. Get rid of cheap or ratty furniture and linens, and pick a decor theme to pull your home together. Picking a (more or less) cohesive design style will make a great impression when you have guests over. But at the end of the day, it’s your home — and what you look at everyday matters and will have an effect on you. So you should look at something nice, right?

Gone are the days of dark, moody man-cave looks for bachelor pads. Currently, clean, modern decor inspired by menswear is trending. This includes a mix of prints and colours, ones that would be equally at home on a tie or button-down shirt. Think reds, blues, checkered patterns, polka dots, and stripes. But if that’s not really your style, go for a modern look with a mix of materials like wood, iron, and leather, and neutral colours like brown, grey, black, and beige.

Add a Gaming and Entertainment Room

What bachelor doesn’t love to play video games? Clean out your spare room and turn it into the ultimate gaming and entertainment room, complete with a wide selection of video games, consoles, and the latest tech. If before you were only a casual eSports player, now is an exciting time to really dive into all that video games have to offer. Virtual reality games and tech have seriously improved in recent years, and they now offer smoother and more immersive VR experiences. Then there’s the massive world of eSports, which is now so popular that there are global tournaments with prize pools reaching hundreds of millions of dollars.

But why stop there? This is supposed to be your ultimate entertainment room. If you have room, add in a pool table, mini-fridge or bar, darts, or foosball. You could even add in a table and chairs for board game and poker nights with the guys. Last but not least, get a great TV, a comfortable couch (or two), and display your movie collection for all to admire. With this much entertainment in one place, your house will be the place to go to.

4 Ideas for Upgrading Your Bachelor Pad

Photo by Loewe Technologies on Unsplash

Add a Home Office

Even if you don’t work from home — or even if you rarely work from home — a home office is still useful. It can be the place where you make important phone calls, organize your finances, come up with business plans, or even just read the news. It can be your quiet place. Unlike other rooms in your home, this room doesn’t require as much space. All you really need are a desk, computer, and office supplies. You could add in a bookshelf or two, display any awards or degrees, or even add a filing cabinet for organizing all of your personal documents.

Ultimately, your office should be a place you want to be in, not dread. Make sure it looks physically inviting with plenty of natural light and a nice interior style. And like your work office (if you have one), make it your own. Add in photos of loved ones, funny posters, and small mementos.

Upgrade the Kitchen and Bathroom

Two of the most important upgrades to make to a home (particularly if you eventually want to sell the place) include the kitchen and the bathroom. If both rooms in your home are seriously outdated, you should strongly consider adding them to your list of upgrades. But how much you upgrade the rooms depends on what you’re looking for (and your budget). In both rooms, you might be able to get away with painting the cabinets and adding new countertops. For a kitchen, appliances are very important to upgrade. But if you love to cook, consider splurging on items that would be useful and make you happy, like a countertop that can double as a cutting board. Spend a lot of time in the bathroom? Go for the high-end toilet. You deserve it.

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