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'Get to the point...'

We're rolling out some advertising to Lunchbox Architect. We'll make sure it doesn't detract or distract from the important stuff (no flashing GIFs or pop up videos, we promise). If you'd like to enquire about advertising with Lunchbox, click here.

'What's the full story?'

I started Lunchbox Architect over two years ago with the aim of teaching people the benefits of hiring an architect - even for smaller projects - and to discuss ideas about affordable houses and innovative design. I always wanted the site to be minimal and clean - to give the projects the focus they deserve.

None of that has changed. In fact, I want Lunchbox to be even better. I want to provide more articles and more information to people who are planning a new house or renovation. Basically I want Lunchbox to be my job. But jobs can't be just a passion project. They also need to make some mullah. For food. And shelter. And wine.

Which brings me to my point. Over the coming months I'll be introducing advertising to Lunchbox in select parts of the site. It's just one step in a long-term plan to generate income so I can dedicate more and more time to the site.

Advertisers will offer quality products and services (preferably Australian-based) that are useful to people building, renovating or decorating their home. The ads themselves will be well-integrated into the site so they don't distract from the design, but work with it. And all ads will be pre-approved by the boss (me). You can see an example of how the advertising will look here.

In addition, some images and links on the site will be affiliate links which means if you follow the link and go on to buy a product from that site I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Any affiliate link will be clearly labeled, 'Affiliate Product'. You can see an example of an affiliate link here (the Armadillo & Co - Safari Weave Rug).

Privacy Policy

We've updated our Privacy Policy to reflect these changes. Not much has changed there - we still won't sell your details (or give them away, for that matter).

Want to advertise on Lunchbox Architect?

If you have a product or service you think the people of Lunchbox will enjoy, learn about Collection Sponsorship here and be sure to leave your details so we can discuss it further.

If you're an architect, we have a special offer just for you, learn how to become a Premium Architect.


If you have any questions or concerns, I want to hear from you! Contact me here.

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I'll let you get back to your idle gossip (or Facebook).


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