I have something to confess…

I'm not a big sports fan.

I know, I know. It's practically un-Australian to admit that.

While I'm on a roll bringing my Australian citizenship into question, I also have to confess I can't get enough of New Zealand architecture! Because while I couldn't give two shawn sheep(s) for tackles and touchdowns, I'm a good enough sport to call out great architecture when I see it.

So this week, in honour of NZ's big win in the Rugby (or whatever was clogging up my news feed), Lunchbox Architect took a (virtual) trip to visit our friends across the Tasman.

First up we took a look at a house designed like a tent (but with approximately 10,000 times more insulation because NZ can get chilly, you guys).

We also looked at a couple of simple but beautiful (simply beautiful?) homes which use sliding cedar screens for privacy, security and shelter. But when those screens are open? Well, let's just say the views are something else. Classic New Zealand. One has a glass ceiling in bathroom and the other has a beautiful sheltered courtyard.

Then we moved into the suburbs, because New Zealand is more than just dramatic coastline and rolling hobbit hills. Poor dears… First there was this light and bright addition in Auckland. And finally, to end the week, we took a look around this spectacular family home built on top of an existing brick double garage.