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New homes provide the opportunity for a completely custom design. Even on a modest budget, architects can design an affordable new home that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

This is our selection of stunning architecturally designed new homes:

What would a marine lovers’ house on a coastal reserve look like?

Marine lovers’ dream home: The Marengo Beach House combines sustainable design with stunning views and a deep connection to nature.

This home bucks the trend of larger homes on smaller blocks...

A central courtyard helps this home harness northern light, retain the garden, and keeps the floor plan flexible for future change.

What would an architect’s island getaway for his family look like?

When an architect designs their own home, it creates some exciting results. See how this architect designed a home surrounded by nature…

Echidna Studio: From Dark Garage to Bright, Versatile Living Space

Discover how a small, unused garage became a stylish, functional studio in Middle Park!

Upside down house makes the most of neighbouring park

Placing the living areas on the first floor instead of the ground gives this home the sense of being in a treehouse...

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Maximise Natural Light: 7 Design Secrets

Unlock the secrets to a brighter home with our top design tips for maximising natural light, from skylights to reflective surfaces!

It's not a commerical carpark, it's a beautiful, sustainable home!

Going against the status quo in this beach town, sustainability meets style in a thermally-consistent, biophilic, family home.

Discover an accessible luxury retirement home with a twist!

Ditch the retirement village with this private accessible luxury retirement home filled with light and sustainability features...

A House in the Dry is adapted to Australia's climate and landscape

Responding to its unique landscape and climate, this home is the kind we should be building in Australia, not more McMansions.

A new home takes advantage of its stunning location in the Pyrenees

With a national park as its backyard, the location is stunning, but there were some challenges to overcome with this country home...

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True cost of building: current building costs 2022

Spooked by the rising cost of building? Perhaps you don't need to be...

The perfect retreat to reset surrounded by stunning scenery

A beautiful studio on Tasmania's coastline offers the perfect place to relax and soak in the views.

This compact home is a contemporary take on the classic Aussie shack

Two pavilions offset to capture light and views and create a sheltered courtyard help this home look and feel much larger than it is.

The trick this modular home uses to soak in the view...

By thinking differently about the floor plan, this modular beach hosue is able to take advantage of stunning ocean views.

The perfect slice of beach house living...

This triangular beach house nestled among the gums and grasses is the perfect slice of beach house living only an hour from Melbourne.

A mid-century-inspired forever home exceeded owners' expectations

Creating a modern home that takes advantage of its semi-rural setting with plenty of mid-century flair is no simple task...

Courtyard design creates a sunny, yet protected, coastal home

Courtyard design using robust materials for a low-maintenance home that will age gracefully - perfect for a couple looking to retire.

Trio of pavilions a striking addition to a cluster of farm buildings

A new family home to complete this farm complex takes advantage of views over rolling hills and complements the existing buildings.

A slice of zen at this beach house nestled in the bush

With stunning bush and ocean views, this home is perched to soak it all in and create a space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

This Off-grid Shipping Container Tiny House is the Perfect Retreat

Constructed from two shipping containers, this tiny house embraces the landscape and can even be relocated to a new site.

Beach House Nestles Into Its Spectacular Limestone Cliff Setting

Not much larger than the original shack but makes better use of the site and views; the perfect place to host friends and family.

Building a special home on a site they know and love...

The owners of this coastal block enjoyed years of beach holidays before deciding to build. Here's how it shaped their home...

What If Your Young Kids Could Grow up Next Door to Their Cousins?

A pigeon pair of townhouses allow two brothers and their young families to live side-by-side; the perfect place to raise their kids.

Face Swap! This Home Has Been Flipped to Face the Rear Laneway...

A complex, compact site on a slope and facing a busy road calls for a creative solution: switching the front and back!

Have a Garage You Never Use? Put the Space to Better Use...

A double garage has the perfect amount of space for a new multi-functional studio the owners will get far more use out of.

This Off-grid Home Has a Magic Location, but It Came With Challenges

Surrounded by bushland, this home is off-grid and bushfire resilient to deal with its beautiful but challenging location.

This Stunning Modular Home is Also a High-performance Passive House!

Built to Passive House standards, this home has exceptional energy-efficiency performance for comfortable living year-round.

Unique Cladding Makes Living in This Home Like Living in a Greenhouse

Half greenhouse, half barn; despite being in a dense inner suburb, this home means it feels like it could be in the country!

You'd Never Know How Close the Neighbours Are in This Bush Hideaway

A clever design captures bush views and sunlight and turns away from the neighbours so you feel like you're in a world of your own...

A Sustainable and Energy-efficient Home in Spite of Tricky Orientation

Getting light into living areas with a south-facing backyard is tricky. Here it's handled elegantly for an efficient and bright home.

Fibro Beach House Reboot Creates a Sustainable and Affordable Home

When thinking about how to create a sustainable and affordable home, the 1960s-era fibro beach shack was the perfect inspiration...

A Mid Century-inspired Home Designed to Work Well With the Landscape

On a tricky, but naturally beautiful battle-axe site, this home celebrates its assets and minimises its drawbacks.

This Clever Home Manages to Feel Spacious and Comfortable on a Budget

Designed with sustainability, low maintenance and natural ventilation in mind, this is a low-budget family home with a difference...

A Stunning Self-contained Studio Perched Among the Trees

Sitting on top of the garage with leafy views, the new self-contained living space is perfect for adult children or visiting family.

Enter the Light: A New Home Designed to Maximise Winter Sun

Access to natural light is so important, yet often overlooked. With thoughtful design, your home can be light and bright year-round.

This Inner-city Modular Home Has a Few Tricks up Its Sleeves!

It's not what you expect when you think of a modular home, but this tricky house continues the surprises continue inside...

A New Townhouse Nestled in the Quiet Streets of a Country Town

You don't envisage a townhouse when you think of country town living, but this architect's own home is perfect for her family.

A Compact, Efficient Home Barely Bigger than a Typical Backyard Shed

This studio was designed to minimise costs by maximising efficiency, creating a flexible space that was largely prefabricated off-site.

A Multi-generational Beach House for Relaxed Beachside Living

This beach house is all about creating informal living spaces, decks and shelter from the sun and wind for optimum beachside living.

A Modern Home Filled with Character, Sun, Air and Sky Views

Modern homes can be criticised for lacking character, but modern doesn't need to equal sterile.

Originally Built As a Weekender, They Loved It so Much They Moved In!

With COVID-19, remote working and a beautiful new home in the country, the time seemed perfect for this family's tree change.

This Home Stands Out in Its Housing Estate for All the Right Reasons

Even a block in a typical housing estate can benefit from an architect's touch, creating a home that's a joy to live in year-round...

Comfortable, Sustainable Living Doesn't Need to be Costly...

Passive solar principles, high-quality yet affordable materials and thoughtful design brings high-quality housing within reach.

High Ceilings, Large Windows Make This Home Look and Feel Larger

It's amazing how high ceilings can offer your home an extra sense of space, just take a look at this light and bright example...

A Beach House That Feels Private Without Missing the Views

A beach house doesn't need to feel like a glass box on stilts, this home feels intimate while still celebrating the views.

Building on a BAL-FZ (Flame Zone) Site Made This Home a Challenge

With the site's Bushfire Attack Level of Flame Zone, achieving the incredible expanses of glazing took incredible attention to detail.

A Home Designed for a Family to Come Together or Find their Own space

Bringing together all the things they loved from previous houses, their new home represents the good life for this family of five.

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Top 15 Building and Renovating Books Recommended by Architects

Planning to build or renovate? Get your hands on some of these brilliant architect-recommended books to help you on your journey.

Rethinking the Typical Duplex Development Offers Numerous Advantages

'It's the way things have always been done' doesn't mean it's the best solution! Questioning the norm can unlock hidden gold...

A New Laneway House Celebrates This Inner Suburb's History of Bricks

Celebrating the suburb's history, this laneway house demonstrates how to create high-quality housing in the inner city with flair.

Six Prefabricated Modules Create a Forever Home With an Ocean View

Designed to make the most of the view, even from the backyard, this prefab modular home is like a viewing scope towards the ocean.

This Bush Retreat Allows You to Get Away From It All

Designed for simple living to enjoy the surrounds, this home uses naturally beautiful materials to create a relaxing bush retreat.

This New Zealand Home is Designed to Soak In Stunning Alpine Vistas

An L-shaped floor plan creates sheltered outdoor space, maximises the view and builds in flexibility to this beautiful home.

Beach House Maximises the Views Despite a Narrow Frontage

Some clever solutions mean even a home on a long, narrow block can capture scenic, wraparound views of the ocean.

YrdPod Is a Designer Tiny House That's Perfect for the Backyard

If you're squeezed for space but can't justify the disruption and cost of either moving or renovating, this might be the answer...

Downsizing From a Farm Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Privacy and Space

This new home in a semi-rural estate balances a sense of space with a need for privacy so the shift from the farm life isn't so hard.

A Beach House Designed for Everyone From Singles up to Groups of 20

This flexible beach house is the perfect surf trips big and small because it's focussed on the outdoors to create extra living space.

New Modular Home: If You've Got It (An Incredible View), Flaunt It!

This modular home was designed and built off-site and then transported to its remote location where it now takes in stunning views.

This Home Demonstrates Benefits of an Architect Versus Off-the-Plan

A refined and considered home in a new estate shows the power of using an architect versus buying off-the-plan from a bulk builder.

A Home That Celebrates Its Site by Bringing the Outdoors In...

For tree-changers Matt and Leanne, an important part of their ideal home was making the most of their spectacular site.

A Carefree Family Home Takes Its Cues From the Classic Beach House

With hints of those classic beach houses, but all the modern needs of a family home, living here would feel like an endless holiday.

A House for All Seasons Designed and Built to Passive House Standards

This family home was designed with best-practice sustainability and Passive House standards to be a comfortable home for years to come.

This Modern Farmhouse Is Adaptable and Celebrates a Stunning Location

A modern farmhouse for a couple with overseas relatives needs to adapt from a comfortable home for two to a home for many more.

Beach House Uses Its Steeply Sloping Site to Focus and Frame Views

Using the slope to its advantage, this beach house cascades down the hill and focuses your attention on the stunning coastline views.

Quirky Home Hides Plenty of Surprises Behind its Shingled Exterior

The neighbours are shifting uncomfortably in their seats as this new kid on the block shows them what modern living should look like...

An Akubra Was the Inspiration for This Incredible Off-grid Home

The practicality of a classic hat proves the perfect design inspiration for an off-grid home in Australia's outback.

A Granny Flat Doesn't Need to Be a Caravan-Sized Blob in the Backyard

This granny (and gramps) flat is the perfect place for a retired couple to call home: close to family, yet private and comfortable.

Rather Than Open Plan, Why Not Go for Connected Plan Instead?

This retired couple wanted an intimate home for themselves, but what happens when extended family visit? Enter the 'connected plan'...

Get the Basics Right to Make Your Home As Sustainable As Possible

If you focus on the basics first in sustainable house design, everything else becomes a bonus and your reduce greenwashing overwhelm.

You Won't Believe the Home They Created in This Narrow Laneway

It's difficult to imagine how this tight block in a laneway could become a functional and spacious home and office, but they did it!

Real-life Seachange Gives Retirees a Chance to Create a New Lifestyle

These retirees packed up their life in Western Victoria to move to Barwon Heads. What lifestyle would you want out of a seachange?

Urban Farming is Just the Beginning at the Sustainable Inner-city Home

Imagine if all our inner-city homes were eco-friendly urban farms: what a difference we could make! Here's what that might look like...

Off-grid Retreat Takes in Views of a Stunning But Hostile Landscape

Sitting on an exposed hilltop, this off-grid retreat deals with a hostile landscape, but it's worth the effort for that view...

The Simple Life: House Designed for an Acreage; Robust, yet Elegant

Looking for a simpler lifestyle and to indulge their passion for horses, this modern home for their acreage is perfection.

 (via Lunchbox Architect)
The Thing You Might Forget When Planning Your New Home or Reno

When you're building or renovating, you spend a lot of time picking the perfect tiles and paint colours, but don't forget about this...

 (via Lunchbox Architect)
DIY Security System Versus Professional

When installing a security system, the question is: professional installation or do it yourself?

Eco-townhouses Are Effectively Off-grid in the Middle of the City

When you think of an off-grid house you typically imagine a remote cabin in the bush, but these eco-townhouses tell a different story.

It Might Look Like a Single Home, But Looks Can Be Deceiving

A home for a couple and a separate home for their adult children. Plus it's on a very public, very tricky triangular site!

This Modern Australian Beach House Feels Like It's Floating on Water

This stunning modern Australian beach house has a whole wall of glass, taking in spectacular views of the beach and headland beyond.

Designed Around a Central Courtyard, This Home Maximises Light

With numerous facets to bounce light around the home, Cloud House feels like living in a cloud surrounded by beautiful, diffused light.

New Spaces Draped Around an Original Cedar-lined Shack Like a Tent

A new asymmetrical frame encloses the original shack, wrapping new living areas all around to take advantage of the views.

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