Australia has one of the largest and most stunning coastlines in the world. So it figures that along the sandy beaches are a myriad of beach houses, ranging from the most simple to the most extravagant. Here is Lunchbox Architect's selection of Australia's Top 5 Beach Houses:

1. Mornington Beach House

A Beach-Side 'Treehouse' for Big Kids

What if you outgrow the Mornington beach house that's been in the family for years? Architect Clare Cousins designed a 'treehouse' extension for the big kids.

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2. Venus Bay Bach

It's a Piece of New Zealand on the Australian Coast, Bro!

Venus Bay Bach is a beach home built on a tight budget, but spacious enough to house family and friends for the weekend. And it doesn't ignore the views…

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3. Merricks Beach House

Beach-Town Lifestyle with a Modern Twist

Rachel Nolan of Kennedy Nolan Architects designed a weekender for her family called Merricks Beach House. It cleverly redefines the Australian beach house.

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4. Cocoon

A Home? Or a Zeppelin That Crash-Landed in the Australian Bush?

You don't get homes much more unusual than Cocoon — a zeppelin-shaped home lofts above its steep site, nestled in the canopy of Australian native treetops.

Cocoon me!

5. Ridge Road Residence

A Beach House Where Nature is the Star

A single tea tree on the site of this beach house became the focus of the project. The aim became to showcase nature, rather than try to dominate and control it.

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