Previously the domain of building sites and dodgy fence repairs, plywood has gone domestic. It seems we’re all a bit tired of lifeless white plasterboard. Because if there’s one trend in interior design that’s showing no signs of dying off it’s the use of plywood in place of plasterboard. And that’s exciting because plywood has an inherent strength and natural beauty that makes it unparalleled to any other affordable building material — and far superior to the ubiquitous plasterboard. And now with FSC certified and low VOC plywood, it can be a sustainable choice, too. Not convinced? Take a look at these 27 stunning plywood interiors and let us know what you think…

Polygreen feels almost tropical thanks to the use of hoop pine plywood and a vibrant green paint. These bleacher-style plywood steps are perfect for casual seating and impromptu kids’ plays. Who would have guessed it’s in the middle of suburban Melbourne?

Edward Street House uses a stained plywood to create a clean but sophisticated space. The home has an industrial feel thanks to the use of the plywood combined with galvanised steel.

This granny flat for young people features plywood throughout. The material is a great choice because it is affordable, strong and imbued with texture and warmth.

Clare Cousins isn’t afraid to show off plywood in her Mornington Beach House project. The plywood feels laid back and beachy — the perfect look for a family beach shack.

Sled House is a low budget project which utilises the affordable beauty and durability of plywood to perfection. Given the house is on sleds (you read right), the bracing ability of plywood is particularly important in this project.

Lime-washed plywood brings a drift-wood like appearance to the floors, ceiling and walls of this unusual, blimp-shaped beach house in Wye River

MORQ Architects combine the thermal efficiency of hay bales with the cladding potential of plywood to create a super efficient home that looks stylish to boot.

The off-grid pump house was built on a budget. The use of plywood as an easy to install cladding material helped to keep costs (and environmental impact) to a minimum.

After you climb the stairs surrounded by plywood stained black you enter a world of plywood. It’s like entering a treehouse carved from the trunk of a tree. The plywood feels fun and verging on surreal in this creative project, 4 Room House.

At this sustainable home in Mount Ninderry plywood was chosen for its eco-friendly credentials and its inherent ability to bend into elegant curves. It’s used in moderation along with traditional plasterboard to create a warm, textural feature.

The tiny Southern Highlands House uses plywood to create a beautiful and affordable curved bookshelf. The plywood was CNC cut to shape to ensure a perfect fit.

This Fitzroy North addition features plywood detailing and stairs. The plywood looks more luxurious than traditional builders ply because it has a hardwood outer layer.

A large plywood joinery unit at this tiny Potts Point apartment separates living areas from the more private areas. It was a cheap, but effective way to divide space in this existing apartment.

Birch plywood was used as a lighter alternative to traditional plywood in this stylish conversion of a former cow shed.

A plywood kitchen at Yarra Street House provides the luxury and warmth of timber on a shoestring budget.

A plywood insertion in this Melbourne apartment creates ‘rooms’ for bedrooms as well as a generous amount of storage for the family.

This home in Newcastle uses plywood in the kitchen and on the ceiling. Express joints give the plywood a neat casual feel — perfect for the young homeowners.

Plywood even extends into the bathroom of this simple home. In this case plywood is a richer alternative to plasterboard with a similar price tag.

Plywood floors contrast with stark white walls in the interior of this minimalist repurposed tin shed

A multi-purpose plywood stair, bookshelf and cupboard soften and add interest to the otherwise neutral walls at Montville Residence

The simplicity of plywood is contrasted with a bright, eye-catching colour at this home which dazzles inside and out

Plywood interiors feel warm and welcoming at this stylish granny flat in Sydney. The pattern and texture of plywood doesn’t feel overpowering in this design thanks to the bank of windows to the north.

The versatility of plywood as a building material is put to the test in Port-a-Bach, where it’s used as flooring, wall and ceiling cladding, shelving and even the base of a bed. Plywood can pretty much do anything!

Plywood in all its simple, warm glory. St Albans House feels unpretentious and welcoming thanks to its extensive use of plywood internally.

Plywood and polished concrete in these communal houses in Texas. A raw, understated match made in architectural heaven.

I never thought I’d see plywood used as a shower base, but there you go. The Tardis, as it’s known, uses plywood throughout. It looks great, but it’d be interesting to see how it’s holding up.

Nothing says holiday shack like plywood on the floors, ceiling and walls. The simple material has a laid back quality perfectly in keeping with the vibe at a weekend getaway like this home in New Zealand.

So what do you think? Does plywood trump plasterboard?