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Plywood kitchens have become very popular. Plywood kitchens feel rich, warm and authentic. If you're looking for a timber look in the kitchen, it makes sense to choose plywood over imitation timber cabinets, because, while both affordable options, the latter will always look and feel like a fake, no matter how convincing the timber-effect. It ties into our old adage on Lunchbox Architect - real materials in their natural state will always look and age better.

I've had a cabinet maker tell me you should never use plywood in the kitchen because you can never seal it properly - and then try to sell me his cheap, prefabricated vinyl wrap doors instead. Firstly, my Pinterest board, 'OMG Plywood' would beg to differ (does it sound desperate to say, 'please follow me'?). Secondly, while I have nothing against vinyl wrap doors, per se, I believe that a well made and well sealed plywood door will last longer than a piece of chip board no matter what it's wrapped in. Thirdly, don't call yourself a cabinet maker if you don't own a saw and you only offer prefabricated cabinets. That makes you a cabinet supplier IMHO.

But maybe you should take a look and decide for yourself whether a plywood kitchen is right for you...

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