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Plywood is hot right now. It's affordable, versatile and has a wonderful natural warmth.

That's right. Our old friend plywood is no longer relegated to the temporary hoarding around building sites or the makeshift desks of impoverished students *looks down at plywood desk disappointedly*. No, plywood has gone internal.

But before you rush off to Masters and buy an actual truckload of plywood, I'm here to tell you not all ply is created equally! There are numerous grades of plywood that will ultimately affect how well the ply lasts and how great your home looks. So make sure you're going with a furniture grade plywood unless you're going for the sharehouse-chic look.

Whether you're using ply internally, externally, on the floors, walls, ceiling, kitchen, joinery or all of the above, we've featured plenty of plywood projects to inspire and delight.

Check out some of our plywood-loving homes...

MAXI Plywood

MAXI Plywood Melbourne is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Premium Plywood and Specialty Timber Panel products.

A New Study and Bedroom Pops up on Top of This Brunswick Home

An architect squeezes a new study and bedroom in the only available space on this tight Melbourne block - above the living area.

A Compact, Living and Breathing House Perfect for the Coast

This welcoming house has a verandah so generous it blurs the line between a courtyard house and a traditional Australian verandah.

A Home Inspired by the Feelings of Camping Under a Simple Tarpaulin

In a natural clearing of bushland, this home with simple detailing and an earthy palette captures the spirit and joy of camping.

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