Be A Better Seller: Expert Tips in Selling Your House

Selling a house can make good financial sense. When there are numerous potential buyers, the profits can be high. However, it takes a great deal of skill and patience, especially when selling the house as-is for fast cash. Because of how challenging it is, other homeowners seek assistance with a real estate agent to do all the technical legwork and sale.

Although some individuals prefer taking the full profit and selling them alone with their guts and skill, this direct selling poses advantages and fewer deductions from other fees. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks available from various experts, and we have summarised some of them in this article. Here are general tips for selling houses like a professional.

Research Potential Client Demographic

Selling your estate means doing research and setting your expectations, notably with different types of buyers. Depending on your location, you might be meeting with real estate investment groups, company representatives, or cash buyers, as well as detecting window shoppers.

Additionally, clients may inquire either physically or online, and with the on-going pandemic, it is best to set up an online account to have a broader reach to your clients. Furthermore, doing research gives you an idea of how the market works and how different clients behave and bargain.

Proper Pricing and Profit Expectations

Proper pricing and profit expectations mean getting a reasonable price, enough to consider it a profit and friendly-enough to attract clients. You can ask for a consultation from real estate agents to get a competitive price. Alternatively, you can price it yourself, but be careful to price too much or too little for your account.

Additionally, getting an estimate of your profit also helps. There are online websites that provide a seller net proceeds calculator. You can calculate an estimated profit by deducting your sale price with excise taxes, legal fees, outstanding mortgage, and property liens, as well as commission rates if you chose to hire a real estate agent.

Style of Approach

Doing research is one thing. How you approach and sell the house is another. One mistake amateur sellers make is that they give clients the impression that this house is a must buy and a need. If you do this, you might be too hostile for the clients and ultimately reject your offer.

Instead of throwing all of the house’s features at the beginning of the conversation, try to prove and establish a relationship with the client. Ask open-ended questions, such as the reason for their visit, what their concerns are, among others. With this approach, you can remove unnecessary talk and point out features that cater to their interest. Keep in mind that showing care and concern for the client’s needs would encourage them to talk with you more and accept your offer.

Clean The Insides

When viewing the house, clients always demand to look inside. Whether it be by physical interaction or through online pictures, your selling point is how it looks inside, not the outside.

Clean up your house to shape and put it in its best condition as much as you can. Don’t forget to organise your things and half-empty storage spaces. Additionally, if you have pets, involve them during house visits to impress clients. Hence, pets could more likely become liabilities than assets when selling your home.

Checking The Client Background

As mentioned before, research gives you an advantage and sets your expectations. That includes thorough background research on your clients. Not every client wants to negotiate with you fairly. Some are bogus and a low-baller, doing anything to get the lowest offer possible.

Honest clients will provide the specific information you can check. You can start by asking their full names and run a check if it is legitimate through social media accounts or references. When there is a hint of misinformation, consider it as a red flag and carefully contemplate whether you should still entertain this client or move on to another potential buyer.

Online Presence and Constant Communication

Due to the current pandemic, the majority of inquiries and transactions are made online, and as a seller, you have to create an online presence. Improving your marketing skills to get better sales online is something that you need to work on if you want to be a better seller.

Creating an online presence means setting up a profile on social media sites and being active regularly. The advantage of doing this is you can get a more extensive reach of potential buyers and opportunities to join real estate discussions and share references, tips, and stories.

Additionally, try to keep in touch with your clients. Create genuine conversations online, earn their trust, and ultimately accept whatever offers you made with them initially without being hostile.


Selling a house takes effort and skill. The tips mentioned above do not guarantee a sale. Instead, they guide you to get the right approach to selling a home. Everything rests on how you use the situation to your advantage and create a meaningful impact on your potential buyers.

Written by Tyler Pack