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Here are the resources and tools of the trade you'll need while you're planning your new home or renovation.

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Warm House Cool House: Inspirational Designs for Low-Energy Housing

To aid in the minimisation of environmental impact, this book offers valuable advice on how to help keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter with little or no reliance upon appliances.

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Sustainable House

Remarkable and comprehensive, this essential guide provides advice and step-by-step instructions on achieving an environmentally friendly home.

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Book Review: Warm House Cool House

Make space for Warm House Cool House on your bookshelf and your home can become a more sustainable and comfortable place.

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Touch This Earth Lightly: Glenn Murcutt in His Own Words

Murcutt, who is a minimalist dealing with mostly house projects in coastal Australia, is one of the very few people who respond to nature this friendly.

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The Architecture of Happiness

There's a strong connection between architecture and happiness. If money can't buy happiness, perhaps good architecture can?

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Kevin McCloud's 43 Principles of Home: Enjoying Life in the 21st Century

Kevin McCloud's 43 Principles of Home is a lavish and inspirational, yet also practical book, where Kevin explores all areas of domestic living, from materialism to sustainability, craftsmanship to comfort.

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