A tongue-in-cheek take on Donald Judd's famous wall sculpture of the 1960s, now the art is functional! This beautifully crafted wall art (and fully-functional drawers) is the brainchild of architect and researcher, Dr Mathieu Gallois. Plus, it could be yours with all proceeds going to a very exciting cause...

The debate is over: form and function! Furniture

Gallois designed the Cuboid wall drawers as somewhat of a pun on art and design. While they are minimal and sculptural, they are also fully functional. Made from Rock Maple veneer, each shelf/draw is 550mm wide, 180mm high and 500mm deep. Fully installed, the wall art reaches around 1800mm and is bound to make a statement on any wall.

The debate is over: form and function!

And now, Cuboid could be yours! Gallois is selling two existing sets (there is also a Merbau set available) and is taking custom orders, too, so you can choose your own colour or finish. The proceeds of Cuboid sales are helping Gallois turning his PhD thesis about the Aboriginal Flag into a book for broad readership. Gallois' research represents the first full-length study of the Aboriginal Flag and was awarded Power Institute Power Publications Dissertation Prize for Indigenous Art Research in 2018. While Gallois is lucky to have a publishing agreement, advances on first books are rare, if unheard off 2022. So funds from Cuboid sales will support up to 6 months full-time book writing.

The debate is over: form and function!

Rock Maple set (pictured) will sell for $3000 installation not included, while the Merbau veneer which was a prototype will sell for $2000, not including installation. Enquire directly with Gallois for pricing on any new sets or custom configurations. It's a great chance to purchase your own functional piece of wall art and support an architect completing an exciting and important project.

Get it touch with Mathieu:

0415 326 716