Acreage House Designs

If you're looking for a house design for your acreage block, it can be overwhelming to decide what to do. It's like you have too many options when you're trying to decide on a house design to suit your acreage site.

When designing a house for your acreage block, it's important to consider: where the sun is coming from so you can create a modern, light-filled home; where the best views are, so you can take advantage of your special site; and where the prevailing winds come from, so you can create sheltered outdoor areas that will blow you away for the right reasons.

Here are some examples of acreage house designs we've featured on Lunchbox Architect in the past:

The Simple Life: House Designed for an Acreage; Robust, yet Elegant

Looking for a simpler lifestyle and to indulge their passion for horses, this modern home for their acreage is perfection.

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