Browsing through this week's five homes, you might sense a bit of an Australiana theme. But in case you didn't realise, Australia in 2015 is modern, sophisticated and, yes, probably just a little bit drunk. But craft beer drunk, not Fosters drunk, ok.

The houses we featured this week prove a new Australian style is emerging which draws on our agricultural and pastoral past, but with a unique modern flair. It's an innovative and exciting time.

This week was bookended by two rural beauties — a modern farmhouse in Trentham and a modern wool shed more than fit for living in Tonimbuk. In between we looked at a prefab cabin set in a secluded bush clearing and a drama-filled two bedder which is poised elegantly over a bushy slope (with incredible views of Hobart and the Derwent to boot). We can't get enough of simple homes in spectacular rural areas!

But one of these things is not like the other… The odd one out amongst these modern farmhouses and relaxed bush huts seems to be a sensitive addition to a home in Black Rock. While located in a laid-back bayside area, it's still very much suburban. But the Australian suburbs are just as much a part of our collective identity as the bush (if not more so given most of us live in the 'burbs these days)! And this house manages to update a period home without resorting to the typical box-like addition out the back. Hopefully, as our suburbs become more dense, there can be more of these thoughtful additions that work with the existing fabric which makes our towns and suburbs so unique.

So throw another shrimp on the barbie unwrap your Vegemite sanga, and enjoy the ripper homes you missed this week…