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Country houses often enjoy stunning views and plenty of land. If your dream is to escape to the country, then you’ll love how these architecturally designed country homes have an easy-going, rustic feel.

Before you commit to your tree-change, take a look at some of the best country houses we've featured on Lunchbox Architect

Discover Mark and Megan’s Off-Grid Hempcrete Home on the Sunshine Coast

Explore how this family built a sustainable, energy-efficient home using innovative hempcrete construction in a stunning location.

This Off-grid Home Has a Magic Location, but It Came With Challenges

Surrounded by bushland, this home is off-grid and bushfire resilient to deal with its beautiful but challenging location.

Addition to a Home in a Flood Zone Is the Perfect Refuge

An addition sitting high and dry (literally) above the flood level, creates a refuge from the main family home and potential floods.

You'd Never Know How Close the Neighbours Are in This Bush Hideaway

A clever design captures bush views and sunlight and turns away from the neighbours so you feel like you're in a world of your own...

Fibro Beach House Reboot Creates a Sustainable and Affordable Home

When thinking about how to create a sustainable and affordable home, the 1960s-era fibro beach shack was the perfect inspiration...

This Clever Home Manages to Feel Spacious and Comfortable on a Budget

Designed with sustainability, low maintenance and natural ventilation in mind, this is a low-budget family home with a difference...

A New Townhouse Nestled in the Quiet Streets of a Country Town

You don't envisage a townhouse when you think of country town living, but this architect's own home is perfect for her family.

Originally Built As a Weekender, They Loved It so Much They Moved In!

With COVID-19, remote working and a beautiful new home in the country, the time seemed perfect for this family's tree change.

Comfortable, Sustainable Living Doesn't Need to be Costly...

Passive solar principles, high-quality yet affordable materials and thoughtful design brings high-quality housing within reach.

This Bush Retreat Allows You to Get Away From It All

Designed for simple living to enjoy the surrounds, this home uses naturally beautiful materials to create a relaxing bush retreat.

Far From Your Average Shed, This is an Über Shed...

An avid collector needed a place to display and enjoy his assortment of quirky objects. Enter Über Shed 2, a shed/rumpus room/gallery.

This New Zealand Home is Designed to Soak In Stunning Alpine Vistas

An L-shaped floor plan creates sheltered outdoor space, maximises the view and builds in flexibility to this beautiful home.

This New Addition Creates a Sunny Courtyard Shared by Old and New

Originally a parsonage for the neighbouring church, this historic home has been transformed with a contemporary addition.

Downsizing From a Farm Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Privacy and Space

This new home in a semi-rural estate balances a sense of space with a need for privacy so the shift from the farm life isn't so hard.

New Modular Home: If You've Got It (An Incredible View), Flaunt It!

This modular home was designed and built off-site and then transported to its remote location where it now takes in stunning views.

A Home That Celebrates Its Site by Bringing the Outdoors In...

For tree-changers Matt and Leanne, an important part of their ideal home was making the most of their spectacular site.

This Modern Farmhouse Is Adaptable and Celebrates a Stunning Location

A modern farmhouse for a couple with overseas relatives needs to adapt from a comfortable home for two to a home for many more.

An Akubra Was the Inspiration for This Incredible Off-grid Home

The practicality of a classic hat proves the perfect design inspiration for an off-grid home in Australia's outback.

A Renovation Project for a Woodworker Captures Laid-back Beach Vibes

An incredible collaboration between the owners of a furniture company and the architects creates a light and bright coastal home.

Off-grid Retreat Takes in Views of a Stunning But Hostile Landscape

Sitting on an exposed hilltop, this off-grid retreat deals with a hostile landscape, but it's worth the effort for that view...

The Simple Life: House Designed for an Acreage; Robust, yet Elegant

Looking for a simpler lifestyle and to indulge their passion for horses, this modern home for their acreage is perfection.

Here's a Very Apropos Addition to a Heritage Bluestone Farmhouse

This addition to a historic bluestone farmhouse doesn't match the original building, but it pays its respects in its own way...

From Faux Colonial to Minimal and Modern: Updated for Modern Living

A new opening with integrated seating transforms this home from dated colonial-style, to modern, minimal and cool. What a difference!

Lock and Leave Tropical Hideaway Is a Perfect Escape for This Family

This tropical home locks down when it's not being used, but when it's open, it embraces the natural landscape in every direction...

This Home Sits Comfortably on an Expansive Rural Property

Oriented for passive heating and cooling and taking in stunning views of the landscape, Paddock House feels right at home in the bush.

This Compact Home Makes the Most of its Dramatic Rural Site

Celebrating an incredible rural site, this eco-friendly home opens up to the views, basks in the sun and collects all its own water.

A New Home Defined and Enlarged By Its Connection to the Garden

A relatively modest-sized home feels more spacious and comfortable thanks to its connection to and interaction with five garden spaces.

Timber Inside and Out Helps This Home Fit Into Its Bushy Site

When the inhabitants of your suburban fringe block include a number of old native trees, mimic their style and go timber all over.

A Short-term Home Away From Home Where Quality Trumps Quantity

Oikos, ancient Greek for 'home', is a short-term rental demonstrating luxury is achievable if we down-size our ambitions.

A House with a Guest Room is Created with Three Simple Pavilions

At this minimal home, the space in between the living area and bedrooms is just as crucial as the spaces themselves.

From Partially Completed Project Home to Modern, Energy Efficient Home

Working with what was already there to create a modern family home had its challenges on this bushland site in the Blue Mountains.

An Off-Grid, Back-to-Basics Retreat Connects This Couple to the Land

This warm, textural home creates a connection to place, captures views and creates a humble retreat from the elements (and the city).

This Classic Fibro Beach Shack is Updated for a Young Family

This home holds special memories for the architect, Pat Jost, making it important to retain the elements that fill it with character.

Can You Guess What Sets This Home Apart from the Rest?

Opening onto a huge deck, with incredible views from every room, you'll never guess what makes this country home so unique.

CABN Lets You Try Out Tiny House Living for Yourself

Could you live in a tiny house? CABN, an Australian tiny house tucked away in the Adelaide Hills, gives you a test drive (stay).

Unlike Pesky Coffee Cups, This House is Designed to be Recyclable

It's surprising how many everyday items can't be recycled. Being fully recyclable, this home is surprising for the opposite reason!

A Poetic Addition Reorients the Home to Take in a Spectacular View

Inspired by shearing sheds in the area and rhyming with the original home, a clever addition transforms this weekender.

A New Home to Appeal to Lovers of Mid-Century Design

With views over the golf course, the architect achieved a mid-century-inspired design, while adhering to local design guidelines.

A Unique Place to Retreat When You Can't People Anymore

Perched on a hill in rural New South Wales, JR's Hut has all you need for the relaxing opportunity to switch off and reset.

Two Pavilions Encourage a Sociable Lifestyle and Embrace the Bush

Two Halves House steps down the landscape, separated into a sociable living space and a private sleeping zone.

A Small Home With Big Volumes Designed to Embrace its Cool Climate

Built in an area that sometimes encounters snow, this home in the hills has a small footprint, but large volumes make it feel spacious.

This is the Trick to Adapting a Church for Modern Living

Old churches can be a challenge to transform into a home. There's the need to balance history and practicality. This is how you do it.

A Sheltered Courtyard Protects From This Exposed Location

At the top of the hill overlooking Peka Peka Beach, this location could be hostile, but this home has a few tricks up its sleeve...

Tent House Challenges the Expectations of What a Weekend House Can Be

A retreat built by the architect and a group of architecture students is a hands-on, experimental process from design to construction.

A Home for Retired Musicians Has a Concert Hall-inspired Living Space

A shared love of music inspired this accessible, environmental and acoustically-conscious home for a retired couple.

A Home Built Around Connection With Each Other and the Landscape

With open-plan living and shared sleeping areas all opening onto the outdoors, this is a home to connect with nature and each other.

A New Glass Box Protrudes to Transport this Family into the Landscape

Breaking out of the old, brown-brick home, this new glass box for living is surrounded by birdlife and the sounds of insects at dusk.

Modern Timber Beach House Still Achieves Bushfire and Energy Ratings

Clever thinking achieves a simple timber beach house the client desired while still meeting bushfire and energy efficiency regulations.

An Off-Grid, Sustainable House in the Victorian Central Highlands

Sitting sympathetically in an open paddock, this off-grid house captures views without compromising on environmental performance.

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#CabinPorn: 7 of Australia's Best Huts, Shacks, Cabins and Retreats

Sometimes people are dicks. Escape and Thoreau yourself into this collection of Australia's best huts, shacks, cabins and retreats...

A Mexican-inspired Swiss Chalet in the Australian Bush... What?!

The architectural equivalent of a lamington made with Swiss cheese and dusted with paprika sounds like a recipe for disaster, but is it?

This Country Shack Feels More Like a Tent or a Boat in the Landscape

Metaphors of sailing a yacht or camping out in a tent are conjured in this home on the banks of the Avon River.

Has a Piece of Space Junk Landed in This Backyard?

Clad in shiny galvanised steel with arrow-like ends, this budget studio looks almost otherworldly in its country Victorian backyard.

A Modern Australian Home Nestles Into Stunning Natural Landscape

A combination of bricks, timber, corrugated iron and translucent sheeting help this home complement its semi-rural landscape.

Modern Barn Outside, Minimal Studio and Gallery Space Inside

A new studio space and garage are positioned on this rural property to create a sheltered entry for the exisiting home.

Living and Alfresco Pavilion Captures the Sun and Connects the Garden

A new living pavilion built from concrete blocks and with large windows facing the sun contrasts with the original weatherboard home.

A Unique Family Home Covered Entirely By a Tent Structure

Tucked away in Noosa's bushy hinterland is a tent house - a place that gives the sense of permanent camping without sacrifice...

North Facing Living Spaces Provide Space and Light to This Home

This 1920s home was transformed by an extension that refocusses living areas and a master retreat on a new north-facing courtyard.

Daylesford Cottage Updated with Sensitive, Japanese-Inspired Addition

With the option to demolish and start from scratch, MRTN Architects instead create a sensitive addition to this Victorian cottage.

A Tropical Home for a Couple to Sit Back and Enjoy the Bush Setting

A home near Noosa is designed for the area's sub-tropical climate and to maximise the owner's enjoyment of the bush setting.

This Modern Tropical Home is a Granny Flat for a Hip Elderly Couple

A modern retreat for an elderly couple built on the family property - the perfect spot to enjoy retirement close to family.

A Rural Retreat Fit for an '80s Pop Star and His Creative Family

Built for a family bursting with creative souls, this shack needed to be as stylish and as interesting as the people living in it.

Rusty and Weathered, This Home Looks Like It Has Been Here Forever

Built from recycled timber and rusting steel, this Mt Duneed home already looks old, yet is built to last with little maintenance.

A Home On a Challenging Site is Designed to Resist Bushfire

Built on a challenging site with significant bushfire risk, this home enjoys amazing views over bushland in the Macedon Ranges.

Barn Conversion Does "As Much As Necessary, As Little As Possible"

This incredible barn conversion retains much of the original stone and timber work highlighted against new insertions where necessary.

Prefab-ulous Digs for a Couple of Jackaroos on This Malmsbury Farm

Staff quarters never looked so good. This prefab house is a modern and comfortable place to wind down after a long day on the farm.

This Off-Grid Prefab House Is Perfect for Beautiful but Isolated Site

To construct this off-grid home on Victoria's French Island, prefabricated modules had to be transported by barge to the isolated site.

Simple Details and Honest Materials Reflect Harsh Beauty of this Site

After the 2003 Canberra bushfires, this site was rereleased. The new home explores the idea of new beginnings for a young family.

Dark 1980s Home in Rural Australia Gets a Modern Reboot

Like all good '80s movies, this dated home has been given a modern reboot. The home was transformed within the existing footprint.

A Modern Off-Grid Eco-House Surrounded by a Permaculture Farm

Supporting the clients' desire for a sustainable lifestyle, this off-grid home uses passive solar design to reduce energy consumption.

A Smaller Home Allows for Immaculate Details and Rich Materials

If you want the look and feel of luxury at your home, it pays to think a bit smaller and pay attention to the details.

'Your House Is Like a Box' Can No Longer Be Considered an Insult...

A young Wellington couple with a modest budget and small and challenging block chose a Box™ design-build for their first home.

Striking Prefabricated Home Settles Into This Stunning Rural Site

Clad in COLORBOND® steel with a contemporary take on the traditional pitched roof, this prefab house looks right at home in the bush.

When You Live in the Tropics, You Need a Home for Outdoor Living

Melaleuca House was designed to embrace an outdoor lifestyle for a family relocating from Darwin to more rural Howard Springs.

Australian Retreat Designed to Encourage a Laid-back Lifestyle

Waitpinga Retreat designed as a casual getaway immersed in the natural beauty of nature looks and feels very Australian.

A Thoughtful Home for an Elderly Widower and His Visiting Family

Built on a site with huge sentimental value, this home built for an elderly WWII veteran is low-maintenance, accessible and secure.

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