Take Your Bedroom from Drab to Fab This Fall

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us: fall! It’s my favorite time of year, and I know I’m not alone with this sentiment. Fall means crisp, cool air and glorious autumn colors outside. Thanks to the cool weather outside during this season, there’s no place comfier than your bedroom.

Who doesn’t like to curl up in bed on a rainy fall afternoon and get lost in a novel or binge your favorite Netflix shows? Your bedroom should be a retreat and a place to escape the outside world.

Is your space not quite there yet? Need some style inspiration? Here are some of our favorite ways to transform your bedroom into something you’ll love.

An autumnal color palette

Warm colors are the epitome of fall. You can go big and change out your bedding to a fall-themed print or just add festive throw pillows for added interest. Remember, it’s okay to have a little fun with your house or apartment!

Another idea to soften up your living space for fall is to your layer your couch or bed with a few cozy throws to your existing furniture. Personally, I like to keep my regular bedding neutral (I’m a sucker for white) and then add in pops of color as the seasons change.

Check out these matelassé coverlets in both neutral tones and warm fall colors. Whatever you choose, comfort is key. Pick soft materials to snuggle up in and sheets that feel amazing against your skin when you crawl into bed.

Take Your Bedroom from Drab to Fab This Fall

Festive fall décor

There’s nothing wrong about being enthusiastic about the season so don’t be afraid to add some fall décor to your room! A little color and festivity here and there can help fight off any seasonal blues you get if the sudden darkness and cold of fall start negatively affecting your mood.

Here are some ideas I personally love for adding some cute autumn touches to my space: a lantern with a battery-operated candle, a few pumpkins thoughtfully placed around the room, fall leaf prints on the wall, wood accessories, and some fall throw pillows. You don’t have to go cheesy with the decorations and scatter skeletons everywhere – décor that’s subtle and demure works just as well.

Throw pillows are a must because they’re an instant bed makeover. Choose some cute ones that you’ll love seeing every time you walk in your bedroom. Who knows, maybe they’ll even inspire you to actually make your bed every day!

Lighting is everything

Nothing says cozy like warm lighting. Light a few candles around your room in your favorite fall scents and bask in the ambience. I personally love a scent with balsam and cedar to add that outdoorsy touch. Just remember to blow them out before falling asleep! Battery-operated candles are great too, especially when they’re on timers. You can fall asleep without worry. Warmers are popular in the fall and winter months as well. I love the smell of candles, but like the option of enjoying them without a flame when my kids are around.

You can also hang fairy lights or string lights in your bedroom for some extra cozy lighting. Kids love this idea in their rooms, too! Again, having them on a timer is nice. You can fall asleep with them on, but then they turn off automatically so as not to interrupt your sleep or waste electricity.

If you have a fireplace, fire that baby up! Grab a blanket, turn off all the other lights in your house, and trade stories with your family or friends with some mulled wine or hot chocolate around the warm glow of the hearth.

Take Your Bedroom from Drab to Fab This Fall

Plants aren’t just for spring

Spruce up your space with fresh flowers or a houseplant. You can pick up a bouquet of your favorite flowers and display them in a pretty vase on your dresser. There’s really nothing like fresh flowers to beautify a room.

If you want something you won’t have to replace as often as flowers, choose a green houseplant like a fern and place it near your window. If you don’t have a green thumb, or really just want something low-maintenance, artificial plants are for you! These days, stores offer artificial plants that are quite realistic-looking and are paired with attractive containers.

Succulents are all the rage right now, but they need a lot of sunlight. I love them, but I can’t keep them alive inside. So, I have several artificial ones around my house, and no one can tell the difference. Bringing natural elements inside is a great way to decorate your space, even if you have to fake it.

Spruce up your space for fall

It doesn’t take much to transform your bedroom from drab to fab. Just a few tweaks and additions and your bedroom will become a sanctuary you don’t want to leave.

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