4 Houses that Know How to Have Fun

Do you ever worry you've forgotten how to have fun? Somewhere between a growing pile of responsibilities (read: bills) and shuttling the kids between soccer, cello and interpretive dance practice, you've started taking life a little too seriously. It's understandable. But it's time to inject a bit more fun into your daily life. The houses we featured this week certainly know how to have fun...

Tinderbox House
Lamps, Bold Colours

At Tinderbox House in inner-city Melbourne, splashes of fiery red and yellow are set against flinty greys and black. And as usual Breathe Architects have had a lot of fun in their photoshoot of the project (is one of the Three Little Pigs about to be roast meat?). Check out some of Breathe's other creative photoshoots - they have fun.

Dulwich Hill House

Dulwich Hill House packs all the services into a sculptural egg-shaped pod so the whole living area can open on two sides to the outdoors. They repeat that fun egg shape as an awesome kids hiding hole under the stairs even Harry Potter would be happy to call home...

Waratah Bay House
Country Homes, Timber Houses, Brick Houses

Meanwhile Waratah Bay House pulls its best Escher impression with the glazed brick facade transforming from triangles into soaring birds. There's even a giant bird motif overhead in the living area. It evokes a sense of lightness and freedom, but makes for an uncomfortable viewing of The Birds.

Historic Tempe Sandstone Cottage Gets Refined Contemporary Addition
Urban Homes, Outdoor Areas, Courtyards, Brick Houses, Polycarbonate

Tempe House is a bit more subtle, but the way existing windows are reinterpreted as internal openings is a unique way to integrate old and new. Plus, a translucent facade in the studio lets in light during the day, but turns into a glowing lantern at the bottom of the garden at night. Lanterns are fun.

Those of you paying attention will notice there were only four homes featured this week. Honestly? I'm in Thailand for a family wedding and I am a lazy and irresponsible blog owner I was too busy having fun. But you don't have to reserve your good times for holiday destinations and tourist traps. When you're planning your new home or renovation, have fun with it!

Homes shouldn't be all straight lines and neutral colours - let your personality shine through.

Because even if you're not feeling particularly fun after the 56th nappy change for the day or being stuck in traffic all evening? Going home to a gigantic bird soaring overhead or an oversized firehouse-red barn door might just lift your spirits. And if not? Then there's always hard spirits...

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