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Bricks are one of the oldest building materials. And the fact that so many of the first brick structures are around today is a testament to their longevity and timeless style. Bricks are versatile, durable and affordable. There's a reason the age-old advice is to invest in bricks and mortar.

Architects tend to be creative when designing modern brick houses, using the modular, repeating pattern inherent to the bricks to their advantage. Brick houses might use an unusual brick pattern, a striking combination of bricks or a choice of bricks appropriate to the area or era. Reclaimed brick houses are also a creative way to instantly add a sense of history to a new home or extension.

And now with sustainability front of mind, brick can be used inside or in 'reverse' veneer to boost your home's thermal mass, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. And thanks to their durability they have a very long lifecycle which is great news for conserving resources in a sustainable build.

Take a look at some of the brick houses we've featured on Lunchbox Architect and appreciate their timeless charm, or that glimmer of modernity in what you thought were bog-standard bricks.

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Reclaimed Bricks Provide Warmth and Solidity to Otherwise Light Home

Reclaimed bricks are used in various ways to bring a sense of history and weight to this inner-city extension.

Need Extra Storage? The Floor of this House is a Giant Cupboard!

Mills House eliminates bulky cupboards by converting the floor into storage space, leaving the entire width of the terrace for living.

A Compact, Living and Breathing House Perfect for the Coast

This welcoming house has a verandah so generous it blurs the line between a courtyard house and a traditional Australian verandah.

Sun Friendly L-Shaped Extension Keeps Owners Warm in Chilly Ballarat

Rectifying a poorly planned '90s renovation this new courtyard arrangement lets in plenty of light and feels more spacious than ever.

A Beautiful Warm Home is Carved Out of a Tight Block with No Views

Like a giant three dimensional puzzle this home defies its tight block with no views, houses on each side and a high wall to the north.

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