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Urban homes come with a lot of constraints. Tight sites, neighboring houses, heritage controls and planning regulations affect how urban homes are designed. Obviously constraints breed innovation because architecturally designed urban homes are some of the most innovative and interesting houses around.

At Lunchbox Architect we pride ourselves on sourcing the best examples of small urban homes. We argue that homes don't have to be huge to great. In fact, small urban homes are easier to maintain, cheaper to run and, when designed right, a joy to live in.

Block out the hustle and bustle by concentrating on these top-quality urban homes we've featured on Lunchbox Architect:

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Terrace Renovation

Full of character but dark and stuck with a long, narrow block, terrace renovations are a challenge, but the outcomes can be incredible.

This family purchased their home for one stunning reason…

It was just a shame that the rest of the outdated house let it down. But not anymore! Now it's the perfect family home...

YIMBY: Fitting more homes in our cities doesn't have to be ugly!

Hawthorne Siblings: Rethinking the traditional Queenslander for denser cities and stylish modern living...

Garden Wall House Melbourne: A Garden Lover's Dream Home

Immerse yourself in nature daily with Garden Wall House Melbourne, where the backyard truly becomes an additional room of the home.

Embracing the Coastal Lifestyle: River of Life, Curl Curl

Soak in the fluid lines and light and airy interiors of this modern coastal home in Sydney's Northern Beaches...

Traditional Calibung in front, but it's a different story out back!

This Californian Bungalow renovation looks classic from the front, but step inside and it begins to reveal its contemporary secret...

Transforming Tradition: A Stunning Edwardian Home Renovation

A heritage home with a modern twist, perfect for daily family life and hosting family and friends for longer-terms...

A Family's Fresh Start: Gordon Grove's Thoughtful Renovation

Discover how a first-time homebuyer revamped their space for family life with smart design, warm materials, and functional updates.

Innovative compact family home design fits in the backyard!

Discover how a 58m² two-story home optimises space for three generations, ensuring privacy and comfort in a compact family home design.

A colourful terrace renovation captures the owners' sense of fun

Most terraces are dark and pokey, but with pops of colour and a full-width opening to the garden, this home is bright and full of fun.

Space saving and design tricks help these downsizers live large

With just 75 square metres and an awkward floor plan, this downsizing couple have a stunning, space-efficient and functional home.

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Australian Style: do modern Australian homes have a defining style?

Is there an emerging Australian 'style'? Are these homes forging a new Australian style?

New addition to Queenslander is a bright alternative to raising it...

A two-storey addition to a Queenslander cottage which avoids raising the original home without taking up too much backyard space...

Addition to Queen Anne-style house creates modern, light-filled home

A new two-storey addition reorients this home to garden and the sun, creating a light-filled living space for everyone to enjoy...

Epic makeover leaves suburban cottage unrecognisable

An expansive renovation and extension of this suburban cottage has transformed it into a stunning family home filled with light…

Renovation of a warehouse conversion creates and inner-city oasis

Focussing on natural light and outlooks to greenery has creates a private sanctuary despite being in the middle of the action

A renovation with an heir of whimsy (pardon the pun)...

This fun-filled renovation and extension of a local landmark is perfect for anyone who’s ever dreamed of living in a castle!

When half the size of the average Australian home is more than ample

Transforming a run-down, dark and poorly insulated Californian Bungalow into a comfortable, efficient and sustainable home...

Renovation creates a sustainable, all-electric home...

Despite a tall neighbour to the north, this renovated home is full of light and lush views. Plus, they were able to disconnect the gas.

Mid-century-inspired home office makes working from home a dream...

This creative decided to transform his double garage into a functional and beautiful home office - just *before* the pandemic hit.

A dream home renovation for a lover of fashion, art and design...

What does the dream home of a multi-creative look like? Beautiful details, a relaxed beach house vibe and a healthy splash of colour.

A house for self-confessed 'habitual over-caterers'...

Opening up the back of this semi to light and the backyard has created the perfect entertainer.

An intricate roofline, folded like origami, grabs light and views

Folded perfectly, the 10-fold roofline of this home grabs the light and views of treetops and provides privacy from neighbours.

A new addition to this home completely transforms its look and feel

The addition creates a new living area and main bedroom suite, completely transforming the functionality and style of this home.

(Re)Creating a warm house the owners can entertain in...

Much of the charm of this original Edwardian cottage had been removed, painted over and, in some cases, plastered over.

This addition feels spacious in spite of a long, narrow block...

With clever planning and bringing light and framed views in at every opportunity, this long, narrow site feels surprisingly spacious.

How to make your home feel spacious, even if it's on a tight site

Just because your home is on a tight, inner-city site doesn't mean it can't feel spacious. You just need to use the right tricks!

A courtyard creates the perfect transition between old and new

Getting the transition right is a challenge in any addition. Here, a courtyard creates breathing room between old and new.

This modern Queenslander has a surprise behind its unassuming facade

Following the traditional layout at the front, this modern Queenslander defies expectations to create a vibrant modern home.

Laneway Loft is the perfect self-contained guest house!

Previously an overgrown garden and outbuildings, this space is now the perfect self-contained guest retreat facing a rear laneway.

Creating a peaceful urban sanctuary close to a busy highway

Your home is definitely your castle at this renovation which uses an elegant take on fortification to protect the home from noise.

Marrying old and new leaves this renovation full of character

Old homes are full of character. By carefully marrying old and new in a renovation, you can retain some of that warmth and personality.

Ugly ducking of the street has transformed into an elegant swan...

The neighbours once dubbed this home the ugly duckling of the street, now they're green with envy at this stunning entertainer.

Not your average terrace extension...

This home has a surprise at the end of the typically ornate Edwardian-era hallway, and it's far from your average terrace renovation!

Peek House is a personalty-packed renovation of a Victorian-era home

The history of this home as well as the personalities of its owners shine through in this clever renovation of a Victorian cottage.

A garden pavilion is the perfect partner for this heritage home

Redbrick and terracotta-tiled Californian Bungalows are beautiful homes, but they can be dark. Here's a bright solution...

These down-sizers wanted a modern home in a walkable neighbourhood...

Moving from their large family home where the kids grew up, this family opted for a modern home closer to the things they love.

Mid-century never goes out of style for this creative couple

A mid-century-inspired home designed to navigate a long, skinny block is this creative duo's forever home...

Thoughtful renovation brings this home into the light side...

While retaining as much of the original house for cost and environmental reasons, this home is completely transformed.

A home fit for ageing in place doesn't need to look institutional...

When you think of ageing in place, you might imagine ramps, grab rails and a lot of linoleum. But it doesn't have to be that way...

This old clothing warehouse is transformed into an incredible home...

Turn an existing clothing warehouse into a bold new home without losing its industrial aesthetic? Let's see how it turned out...

Buy the plans for this sustainable, cost-effective four bedroom home

Clad in native timber, Silvertop House is at home in the country or the 'burbs and you can purchase the plans to build it on your block!

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A much better alternative to your average duplex development

A powerhouse team of women, the BuildHer8, took a meh townhouse development and turned it into something quite exceptional...

What do you get if you cross a house and a warehouse?

This house crossed with a warehouse is the perfect live/work space for a family who are always making or doing something...

A clever duplex design takes advantage of the waterfront location...

With the water at the back door and a lush tropical courtyard bringing in light and breezes, this duplex has the best of both worlds.

This terrace house renovation creates a lush outlook from every room

A terrace house typically makes you think, long, narrow and dark. This terrace might be long and narrow, but it's also light and lush!

Would you like a home that feels like it's floating in the treetops?

Taking advantage of a mature native landscape, this home captures all the right views so it feels like you're floating in the treetops.

Sometimes it's the little things that can make a big difference...

A focus on the small changes with the biggest impact was key to keeping the renovation of this 1980s project home budget-friendly.

There's a Lot Hiding Behind this 5-metre-wide Frontage

Looks can be deceiving. Hidden behind this narrow frontage is a spacious, light-filled and fun home thanks to a recent renovation.

A home addition inspired by the tiled facades of pubs in the area!

For a client who lives alone, this renovation was about creating the perfect home for their lifestyle, not more space.

This home proves there's nothing pokey about small footprint living

Good design means you can live larger with less, meaning this compact home feels bright, spacious and surrounded by greenery.

Updating a Modernist Home Without Losing Its Character

Damp-ridden, cold and leaking, this 1960s home needed a revamp. Luckily, a sensitive approach retains the home's unique character.

What If Your Young Kids Could Grow up Next Door to Their Cousins?

A pigeon pair of townhouses allow two brothers and their young families to live side-by-side; the perfect place to raise their kids.

Modern Addition Creates a New Heart for This Weatherboard Cottage

By removing poorly constructed add-ons and creating an open-plan living area as the new heart, this quaint cottage is transformed...

Face Swap! This Home Has Been Flipped to Face the Rear Laneway...

A complex, compact site on a slope and facing a busy road calls for a creative solution: switching the front and back!

Have a Garage You Never Use? Put the Space to Better Use...

A double garage has the perfect amount of space for a new multi-functional studio the owners will get far more use out of.

When a Series of Renovations Leave a House Feeling Confused...

A house can become dysfunctional as poorly planned renovations alter the layout and strip away original details. But it can be fixed!

This Stunning Modular Home is Also a High-performance Passive House!

Built to Passive House standards, this home has exceptional energy-efficiency performance for comfortable living year-round.

Unique Cladding Makes Living in This Home Like Living in a Greenhouse

Half greenhouse, half barn; despite being in a dense inner suburb, this home means it feels like it could be in the country!

A Sustainable and Energy-efficient Home in Spite of Tricky Orientation

Getting light into living areas with a south-facing backyard is tricky. Here it's handled elegantly for an efficient and bright home.

Extending the Original Roofline Creates Stunning Cathedral Ceilings

Wanting a place to entertain friends and family, this new addition creates a grand living area overlooking the garden

Ply and Steel Joinery Items Turn This Heritage Warehouse into a Home

This heritage warehouse has been sensitively transformed into a home with the careful insertion of joinery units to divide the space.

A Series of New Spaces Unfurl From Single-fronted Victorian Cottage

Far from the classic box-like addition, a series of unique spaces unfurl from the rear of the cottage, opening up to light and garden.

Terrace Transformed Without Extending the Footprint of the Home

A series of expert moves brings in more light, improves livability and connects this terrace to its courtyard all without extending.

Clever Design Brings Light Into the Heart of this Bungalow

Bungalows are charming homes, but they tend to be dark. This addition finds a way to bring light into the depths of this bungalow.

A Modern Take on the Verandah Creates a Connection to the Garden

The front verandah of this Californian Bungalow is reinterpreted at the rear of the home to create a shady outdoor living space.

1970s-era Red Brick Home Completely Transformed by Modern Renovation

Not that you'd know it now, but this sleek, modern-Japanese-inspired home was once a tired '70s brick pad and what a transformation!

Charred Timber Creates a New BAL-12.5 Wing for This Country Home

To create space for the kids as they grow, this new bedroom wing sits beautifully in the landscape and meets BAL requirements.

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Why Working With an Architect Isn't the Ordeal Some Make It Out to Be

Wesley Spencer from RARA Architecture was shocked at a recent auction. Find out why...

 (via Lunchbox Architect)
A Quirky Fireplace Becomes the Focal Point of This Modern Renovation

The owners would have ripped this out-of-place fireplace out if they'd had their way, but it's become the centrepiece of this reno...

Little Maggie: The Perfect Sunny Addition to this Weatherboard Cottage

Creating a light-filled addition where the garden and outdoor spaces feel like an extension of the living areas for year-round use.

A Mid Century-inspired Home Designed to Work Well With the Landscape

On a tricky, but naturally beautiful battle-axe site, this home celebrates its assets and minimises its drawbacks.

Is a Light-filled House With a South-facing Backyard Possible?

Creative ways to bring more light into the home, even when the backyard doesn't get much sun, makes this home light-filled and airy.

1970s Home Transformed by a Charred Timber Addition

The charred timber addition float in front of the home, complementing the original cream brick and transforming the street appeal.

A Forever Home Designed to Showcase Art and Furniture Collection

This Carlton terrace renovation updates ageing interiors to create the perfect home for a collector of colourful art and furniture.

Sometimes Your Home Might Already Have Enough Space...

The amount of space you have is one thing, but its functionality, light and flow is a whole other thing.

A Stunning Self-contained Studio Perched Among the Trees

Sitting on top of the garage with leafy views, the new self-contained living space is perfect for adult children or visiting family.

New England-style Home Needed an Addition to Complement Not Copy

An addition to this period home sits comfortably alongside the original, oriented to catch the light and open up the backyard.

Enter the Light: A New Home Designed to Maximise Winter Sun

Access to natural light is so important, yet often overlooked. With thoughtful design, your home can be light and bright year-round.

This Inner-city Modular Home Has a Few Tricks up Its Sleeves!

It's not what you expect when you think of a modular home, but this tricky house continues the surprises continue inside...

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