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We all saw the devastating effect bushfires can have on communities as we watched people lose their homes and, tragically, their lives during the Black Saturday Bushfires. With those shocking images still in our minds, there have been a series of regulatory and attitude changes to bushfire prone areas.

Yes, it's still possible to safely live in bushfire-prone areas and no, you don't have to start digging a bunker. Modern bushfire-resistant homes use bushfire resistant materials, and glazing to minimise the risk of ember attack.

Take a look at some of the bushfire resistant homes we've featured, and learn how to deal with the new new bushfire rating system in the building code.

These are the Bushfire Proof Houses we're featured on Lunchbox Architect

Shipping Container House Floats Among the Trees with Ocean Views

We're all a little bit obsessed with shipping container houses. You'll understand why once you take a look at this home...

A Home On a Challenging Site is Designed to Resist Bushfire

Built on a challenging site with significant bushfire risk, this home enjoys amazing views over bushland in the Macedon Ranges.

 (via Lunchbox Architect)
Going Off the Grid: These 5 Homes Will Convince You to Go Off-Grid

These homes are off the grid. They produce power, collect rainwater and treat their own waste - saving money and the planet at once.

Fine Detailing Takes Rustic, Shed-Like Materials to the Next Level...

This modern farmhouse combines a manager's residence, stable and self contained two-bedroom apartment in finely detailed modern sheds.

A House for Rock Climbers, Artists and, of Course, Their Friends...

Two avid climbers, a professor and a gallery owner, teamed up to build a house in the Blue Mountains to host fellow climbers and artists.

Stewart House: Bushfire Proof House That's Anything But a Bunker

Bushfire regulations are a challenge. Homes can end up like bunkers. Chenchow Little's Stewart House is a bushfire proof house that doesn't sacrifice looks.

Southern Highlands House: A Tiny Piece of Art For Working

Southern Highlands House's new tiny work space, feels more like an art piece than an office - well proportioned, beautifully curved and effortlessly simple.

Trentham Modern Farmhouse Uses Local Materials to Fit Into the Landscape

Incorporating the qualities of a traditional farmhouse ensures this modern farmhouse will feel like a home from the get-go.

Wall and Wall House Uses Rammed Limestone for Style and Substance

Rammed Limestone is the perfect material for Wall and Wall House — locally sourced, beautiful texture and natural colour and high thermal mass.

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