Night Sky®

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Neutral, sophisticated and strong, Night Sky® is ideal for emphasising strong lines and sharp reliefs on both contemporary and traditional homes. As a defining tone, it’s the perfect contrast to paler building materials and colours.

Comfortable, Sustainable Living Doesn't Need to be Costly...

Passive solar principles, high-quality yet affordable materials and thoughtful design brings high-quality housing within reach.

Good Architecture Has the Potential to Create a Better Lifestyle

Architecture isn't about the bells and whistles. It's about creating spaces which help to improve your lifestyle. Like this home!

Third Time Lucky? It Might Have Taken Three Goes But It Was Worth It!

Three distinct options and three years later they settled on a design, but when you're building forever, take the time to get it right!

A New Breed of Bushfire Resistant Homes are Sprouting in Wye River

After the bushfire of 2015, Wye River slowly rebuilds. Let's hope all the new homes are as beautiful and sympathetic as this one...

Pokey 1960s Home Gets a Much-Needed 21st Century Reboot

This considered addition capitalises on good qualities of the home and fixes the less than ideal. What can be saved in your addition?

This Modular Home Was Built in 12 Weeks and Installed in One Day!

Want a new home for Christmas? With this beautiful modular prefab you could wake up in your finished home on Christmas morning...

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