Rammed Earth

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Fun fact: Earth is the world's most commone building material. Rammed Earth is a beautiful material when used in houses. It looks authentic, natural, and, surprise surprise, earthy.

Rammed Earth has numerous benefits as a building material. It is noncombustible, so it is a great choice in bushfire-prone areas. It's high in thermal mass, helping to keep the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Rammed earth is also strong (it can be used as a load-bearing wall) and durable when adequately protected and maintained.

With modern powered tampers rammed earth homes are a lot easier to construct. In the past it has been a very labour intensive building method. Be sure to ensure your rammed earth walls are protected from rain (with adequate eaves) and maintained well so they are not susceptible to water damage and you'll have beautiful, useful and statement-making rammed earth walls for many years to come.

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