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Steep sites present challenges and opportunities in equal measure. The way you tackle a steep site dictates the style and functionality of your home.

Generally speaking you have two options when dealing with a steep site - hunker into the slope, partially submerging some of the home to tackle the incline. The other option is to rise above the slope on stilts of some sort.

Take a look at these houses and learn from the way they deal with a steep, challenging site:

Stepped House Deals with a Sloping South-Facing Site with Style

Each room of this addition steps down with the contours of the site, while the plan zigzags to access light and connect to the garden.

This House Cascades Down River Bank on Beautiful But Difficult Site

A Melbourne home designed by Alexandra Buchanan Architecture creates a cascade of contemporary family living spaces in a bushfire area.

A Bush-Style Home for Beautiful Pittwater Site

Hilltop House is a small, carefully crafted dwelling on the steep eastern slopes of Pittwater, a waterway to the north of Sydney.

Perched on Top of the Sand Dunes for the Perfect Beach View

This timber-clad four bedroom beach-side family home is perched on a steep dune in a quiet pocket of the Mornington Peninsula region.

Mount Ninderry House: Low Budget Sustainable House in Picturesque Surrounds

Mount Ninderry House is a sustainable house that takes full advantage of its stunning natural setting without the extra cost. And check out that pool!

Modest Arrowtown House Mimics the Look of Nearby Sheds and Outhouses

In accordance with a local planning law, Arrowtown House is a series of small buildings similar to the the surrounding historic sheds.

Highway House Seems to Float Dramatically Above a Sheer Slope

The compact Highway House takes full advantage of its difficult, but dramatic site — sitting lightly over Hobart and the Derwent River…

Waiatarua House: A New House on a Steep, Challenging Site

One of the challenges at Waiatarua House was to giving the home a sense of modesty and poetry in the sensitive bush reserve.

Cosgriff House: Semi-Subterranean Extension for Backyard Connection

A new rear extension, much of which is under the existing house, creates a new-found connection to the backyard on this sloping site.

Venus Bay Bach: It's a Piece of New Zealand on the Australian Coast, Bro!

Venus Bay Bach is a beach home built on a tight budget, but spacious enough to house family and friends for the weekend. And it doesn't ignore the views...

Herston Gardenhouse Re-Conceptualises Contemporary Inner-City Living

Hereston Gardenhouse pops up in a disused back yard and demonstrates a way to make cities more dense and (importantly) sustainable.

A Finely Crafted Ski Lodge at Lake Crackenback

When there's snow on the slopes, there's no better place to head after a long day than this finely crafted ski lodge. There's even a Japanese style bath to soak your aching bones.

Blackpool House at Home in the Tree Canopy

Tackling difficult topography, a heavily treed site and a modest budget, Blackpool House defiantly lofts amongst the treetops - a modest, modern treehouse.

Quality Trumps Quantity in this Small House of Rich Materials

This coastal cottage proves that quality always trumps quantity. The small house will age gracefully thanks to quality materials.

Bruny Shore House is Eco-Friendly But Still Has a Dramatic Flair

Eco-friendly Bruny Shore House reaches out from one of the steepest parts of the site to take in the dramatic Tasmanian coastline.

Ridge Road Residence: A Beach House Where Nature is the Star

A single tea tree on the site of this beach house became the focus of the project. The aim became to showcase nature, rather than try to dominate and control it.

Jack and Jill House: No Crowns Were Broken in the Making of This House

Level changes in this home inspired its name, Jack and Jill House. It has fairytale-esque fun by the bucketful -- and not a broken crown to be seen...

Cocoon: A Home? Or a Zeppelin That Crash-Landed in the Australian Bush?

You don't get homes much more unusual than Cocoon -- a zeppelin-shaped home lofts above its steep site, nestled in the canopy of Australian native treetops.

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