Bruny Shore House is Eco-Friendly But Still Has a Dramatic Flair

Bruny Shore House by Beachouse Architecture

Architect: Beachouse Architecture Photographs: Jonathan Wherrett article Size: 140 m2 Budget: $350,000-500,000 (Est.) Location: North Bruny Island, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Tags: New Homes, Beach Houses, Country Homes, Steep Sites

Made from local timber and situated at one of the steeper points on the block in order to capture the stunning panorama, Bruny Shore House sure is dramatic. Better yet, it's eco-friendly, so even while making a statement, it's not doing anything to jeopardize the delicate Tasmanian environment…

Bruny Shore House is made from timber and hangs over a slope towards the ocean at Bull Bay in Tasmania

Hanging Out: Bruny Shore House is made from timber and hangs over a slope towards the ocean at Bull Bay in Tasmania.

Finding the Perfect Site

The owners Rob and Fiona are both adventurers and environmentalists, so when they found this large plot of land (18.2 Ha) on Tasmania's North Bruny Island, with its own beach(!) and dramatic, sloping terrain, they knew was meant to be. Who wouldn't be sold by their own secluded beach?

Bruny Shore House living room overlooks the ocean at Bull Bay in Tasmania
Bruny Shore House dining area and kitchen take in the stunning views

Room with a View: The living area enjoy a commanding view of the ocean at Bull Bay in Tasmania.

Bruny Shore House is set on a dramatic sloping site

Steepest Spot: The house is built on the steepest part of the site, where the land falls away towards the ocean below.

Dramatic Location

Of course the house could have been more easily constructed on higher, flatter land -- but where's the fun in that? By anchoring the house into the slope at one end, it can lean out towards the view, highlighting the drama inherent to the site.


Being environmentalists, Rob and Fiona were set on creating a sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally sensitive home to celebrate without sacrificing the beautiful natural setting. And these days you don't have to sacrifice much (anything) to achieve all that.

Bruny Shore House clerestory windows above the kitchen let in plentiful natural light

Clerestory Windows: Clerestory windows over the kitchen let natural light deep into the home.

View, Sun or Both?

One of the major challenges was the primary view is to the East and South-East -- practically the opposite direction for an energy efficient passive solar home in Australia. Timber framed, argon-filled double glazing solves that problem, meaning floor to ceiling windows can open onto the view, without compromising the thermal efficiency of the home.

Clerestory windows to the North thanks to a 'popped' roof over the living area lets beautiful sunlight into the home.

Bruny Shore House is set back into the slope so it can hang out towards the view

Timber Clad

The external cladding is locally-sourced plantation timber (primarily Macrocarpa) -- a sustainable choice. Internally recycled timbers give the home a warm, laid-back feeling, in keeping with its down-to-earth owners.

Bruny Shore House has a generous deck off the living area
Bruny Shore House deck off the living area

Deck: A generous deck off the living area is the perfect place to take in the view.

Bruny Shore House bedroom has a large window overlooking the ocean

(Bed)room With a View: The bedroom is another great place to take in that view.

Bruny Shore House floor plan

Bruny Shore House doesn't compromise drama for its ecological aspirations. Constructed out of timber and using highly insulated window systems, it manages to be energy efficient, low-impact and make the most of its unique location.

Planning a trip to Tassie? Bruny Shore and is available for rent as short term holiday accommodation:

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