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YrdPod Is a Designer Tiny House That's Perfect for the Backyard

If you're squeezed for space but can't justify the disruption and cost of either moving or renovating, this might be the answer...

Fitting a Family of Four in 32m²: How Much Space Do You Really Need?

The secret to this Tiny Haus's success? Creating easy access to the outdoors, so 32 square metres doesn't feel like 32 square metres.

An Affordable and Sustainable Tiny House (With a Heart)

Just because this tiny house is affordable, sustainable and socially responsible doesn't mean it's not stylish to boot...

CABN Lets You Try Out Tiny House Living for Yourself

Could you live in a tiny house? CABN, an Australian tiny house tucked away in the Adelaide Hills, gives you a test drive (stay).

 (via Lunchbox Architect)
Tiny Homes With a Conscience: Profits Help Prevent Youth Homelessness

If you think tiny homes are fabs (and of course you do), you'll love these tiny homes where all profits go directly to charity.

Port-a-Bach: A Portable Teeny Tiny Shipping Container Home

This 'Bach' - a New Zealand term for a small holiday shack - is built inside a shipping container. It's a self-contained, portable, and fun retreat for a family of four.

Rusty Shipping Container Transformed into a Glamorous Guest House

For less than the price of a new car, a rusty old shipping container is transformed into a stunning guest house. What a bargain!

Darlinghurst Apartment Proves Good Things Come in Small Packages

Through high quality design, the compact Darlinghurst Apartment provides an affordable option for inner city living…

Eyrie Houses: Two Houses Each is Barely Larger Than Four Sheets of Plywood

Eyrie Houses demonstrate just how decadent the holiday home has become. And how rewarding returning back to basics can be…

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