Lunch with an Architect is our interview series where we site down to lunch (virtual or otherwise) with our favourite architects.

10 June 2022 (via Lunchbox Architect) 10 June 2022
Article Zen and the art of trimming your house like a yacht with Stonehouse + Irons Architecture For Lunch with an Architect, we enjoy some local shellfish with Brett from Stonehouse + Irons Architecture on the surf coast.
30 July 2021 (via Lunchbox Architect) 30 July 2021
Article MoVida, Wearing Black and Regretting the First Album You Bought Over a virtual spread of MoVida tapas, we're lunching with Adam Dettrick and feeling inspired by Canberra brutalist architecture.
19 July 2021 (via Lunchbox Architect) 19 July 2021
Article Last-minute Cheese Sandwiches and Duran Duran with Alex Ansari Why Christmas is better in summer and why tackling a massive renovation without the help of an architect is a recipe for disaster.
9 July 2021 (via Lunchbox Architect) 9 July 2021
Article Chicken Wraps and Upside Down Barrel Vaults with Wesley Spencer A chat with Wesley from RARA Architecture, plus why your height and handedness can help an architect design the perfect home for you...
2 July 2021 (via Lunchbox Architect) 2 July 2021
Article Poke Bowl and a Big Ol' Yarn with Melonie Bayl-Smith We had the absolute pleasure of taking a peek behind the curtains of Bijl Architecture and the industry in general with Melonie Bayl-Smith.
25 June 2021 (via Lunchbox Architect) 25 June 2021
Article A Long, Relaxed Lunch in the City with Nicola Dovey We chat about Nicola's alternate route to architecture and why it helps as a designer, plus a recent project she's proud of and why...
18 June 2021 (via Lunchbox Architect) 18 June 2021
Article Soup, a Lunchtime Quiz Session and a Lovely Chat With Amanda Calvert The reason there's not a good book about building and renovating (and where to look instead), 90s hip-hop and so much more...
24 May 2016 (via Lunchbox Architect) 24 May 2016
Article West Australian Sunshine and Halloumi Burgers with David Barr David Barr Architect talks to us about how he manipulates light and balances sustainability and affordability to create joyous spaces.
19 April 2016 (via Lunchbox Architect) 19 April 2016
Article Eggplant Miso and Sashimi Salad with Amelia Lee the Undercover Architect Based on the NSW North Coast (near Byron Bay), but free to work for anyone, anywhere, I chat with Amelia Lee, the Undercover Architect.
12 April 2016 (via Lunchbox Architect) 12 April 2016
Article Ocean Views and Buffalo Wings with Zammi from 9point9 Architects For the first instalment of our new interview series, Lunch with an Architect, I chatted with Zammi from 9point9 Architects, Townsville.