Earlier in the week, we featured a fibre cement beach house which was designed as an homage to those classic beach shacks of the '50s and '60s. You've been double-tapping it like crazy on Instagram too, so today we decided to dig up the 5 best fibre cement houses celebrating that classic beach shack vibe, but with less asbestos.

A Modern Take on the Traditional Fibro Beach Shack

In case you missed it, here's Blueys Beach House 5 we featured earlier this week. Unlike many of the soulless suburban houses replacing the beach shacks of the past, this beach house draws on the history of the area to create a laid-back home perfect for beachside living.

Take a closer look if you missed it...

Field Way Bach Beach Houses, Bach, Timber Houses, Bold Colours

New Zealanders also have a long tradition of simple beach houses made from affordable, humble materials. This beach shack (or bach as they call them over there) was given a modern makeover by Parsonson Architects, but there's still some colourful fibre cement in there as a nod to the past.

Explore more of this colourful beach bach.

Suburban Beach House New Homes

What happens when you cross a Queenslander with a West Australian? Don't worry, it's not some kind of horrific Rineheart-Palmer supervillain, it's actually a laid-back suburban beach house.

Learn how to create your own Queenslander-West Australian hybrid.

Separation Creek House by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

This treehouse-inspired beach house by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects cantilevers out over its steep site to take in intimate views of Separation Creek, the beach, the Wye River Peninsula and beyond. Fibre cement cladding is tainted in different shades of green to help the home fit in with its bushy site.

Settle in and enjoy those views.

Project Image

A laid-back retreat by Dunn and Hillam Architects was designed to capture everything the clients loved about camping, without the pack up at the end of every holiday - a permanent, civilized campsite. Who wouldn't love one of those?

See for yourselves how they did it.

So, which is your favourite of these free-wheeling fibre cement beauties? Or do you have another suggestion? Let us know in the comments below.