Today's project captured my attention when the architect explained, it's "designed to give the same carefree relaxing ambience as a bach - step in, kick off your shoes and grab a glass of wine."

What could be better than a good New Zealand home paired with wine?

Pairing it with wine and cheese, of course.

Pairing Kiwi Baches and Wine

But truth be told, we've been pairing New Zealand homes with wine all week. Or at least I have...

On Monday and Tuesday we checked out two unique projects designed and built by a group of talented architecture students known as Studio 19.

The best thing I got to make in architecture school was an aluminium foil clad, cardboard geodesic dome. So colour me jealous.

If you're questioning whether you'd let a group of students design and build your home? Fair enough. Our geodesic dome blew away overnight. But take a look at this relaxed beach house and this innovative community housing project and prepare to be convinced.

On Wednesday we looked at a larger family home, but one that still embodies that warm easy-going nature we love about New Zealand homes. And built by real builders, I believe.

By Thursday we were dazzled - quite literally - by a bright red, treehouse-like extension and then #ThrowbackThursday-ed to another treehouse-like NZ project we featured a while back.

It's been a big week of beautiful New Zealand homes. You've earned that Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc tonight, my friends.

Happy weekend!