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Courtyards can be used to gain light, encourage cooling breezes and maintain privacy. The courtyard-style home is one we're seeing a lot more of late — and it all comes down to how versatile the courtyard can be.

Courtyards featured on Lunchbox Architect

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How to Design a Courtyard that Actually Works

A courtyard that works well becomes the perfect private space to relax in and a great way to allow your home to flow into the outdoors.

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Covered Outdoor Dining Spills Onto a Courtyard in This Tropical Home

By creating outdoor covered spaces for dining and car parking Laneway House manages to pack a lot of space onto a tight site.

Need Extra Storage? The Floor of this House is a Giant Cupboard!

Mills House eliminates bulky cupboards by converting the floor into storage space, leaving the entire width of the terrace for living.

Sun Friendly L-Shaped Extension Keeps Owners Warm in Chilly Ballarat

Rectifying a poorly planned '90s renovation this new courtyard arrangement lets in plenty of light and feels more spacious than ever.

A Beautiful Warm Home is Carved Out of a Tight Block with No Views

Like a giant three dimensional puzzle this home defies its tight block with no views, houses on each side and a high wall to the north.

Post War Sydney Home Updated for a Young Modern Family

A home previously owned by the client's Grandmother wasn't a good fit for a young family. An innovative extension changes all that.

Links Courtyard House: Smaller Scale Allows Higher Quality Materials

The timber-clad Links Courtyard House prioritises simplicity over size leaving more of the budget for beautiful indulgent finishes.

Minimal Rammed Earth Home Nestles Into Pristine Bushland

Perched on top of a hill overlooking the stunning ocean along the Victoria's Great Ocean Road is a home that balances heavy and light.

Doll’s House: Smallest House on the Street is Transformed

The age-old advice is to buy the worst house on the best street. Doll's House was the smallest house in the trendiest neighborhood, does that count?

Boston Street House: 'Builder's Special' Tranformed Into Modern Courtyard House

A Brisbane red brick spec home was showing its age. Architect James Russell cleverly transformed the dated home into a bright and modern courtyard house.

Elm and Willow House: A Home That Blurs Indoors and Outdoors

Elm and Willow House's walls seem to vanish. The living area is neither indoor, nor outdoor space -- the entire yard becomes a part of the house.

Bisley Place House: A Suburban Home With a Cheeky Twist

Bisley Place House is a suburban home built for family life and interaction. Bending the rules creates an incredible indoor-outdoor space for the family.

Norrish House is Arranged Around a Courtyard for Shelter

New Zealand's notoriously changeable weather is dealt with at Norrish House by arranging rooms around a sheltering courtyard.

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