Designed by FMD Architects

FMD Architect's brief for Kelvin House was to refurbish the existing single fronted terrace internally and construct a new deck which maximises access to the north light while providing shade from the western sun.

Kelvin House Timber Houses, Outdoor Areas

Kelvin House Timber Floors, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchens

A triangular deck was devised to reorientate toward the north. A planter box was incorporated with vertical screening to the west. The battened screening weaves its way over the face of the box the up the roof structure, embracing and screening the deck.

Kelvin House Black Kitchens, Timber Floors, Skylights, Kitchens

Kelvin House Joinery, Timber Floors, Pendant Lighting

Internal spaces were replanned to create a continuous line of spaces with direct views from the front to the rear of the house through the linear passage.

Kelvin House Renovations, Heritage

Kelvin House Timber Houses, Outdoor Areas, Timber Deck

Kelvin House Bathrooms, Basins, Toilet Suites

A large black joinery block defines the transition from the old to new spaces. This block contains the bathroom, laundry, study, shelving and kitchen.

Kelvin House Renovations, Heritage, Joinery

Kelvin House Urban Homes, Timber Houses, Outdoor Areas, Timber Deck, Exposed Rafters, Polycarbonate

The kitchen then unfolds along the island bench into the triangular forms, reiterating the forms of the deck, establishing a dialogue between the inside and the outside.

Kelvin House Black Kitchens, Timber Floors, Kitchens

Kelvin House Black Houses, Joinery, Timber Floors

Kelvin House Outdoor Areas, Timber Deck, Polycarbonate

Kelvin House House Plans

Kelvin House is a simple extension that modernises the functions of a traditional home. By reorganising the home compressing all the services into one central core, the rear of the home can fold open to greet the sun.

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