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Pendant lighting is a bright choice to define an area within an open-plan space. Pendant lighting is perfect above the dining table or a statement piece.

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Coco Pendant

Influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, Coco is individually turned by local artisans, then checked, assembled and packaged in our studio. Like a beautiful, heavy yo-yo at the end of its string, Coco hangs in space with a silent poise. Do as the Danes do and hang it low over your dining table. Made by hand in Melbourne.

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Dr Spinner Pendant Light by Dowel Jones

Dr. Spinner is a simple one piece spun copper or aluminium pendant light manufactured in Melbourne.

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Ava Pendant Light

Behold the urban-industrial elegance found in the coppery tones of the luminous Ava Pendant Light from Amalfi.

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Crystal Ring Liuminaire

Create a striking contemporary feature in your space with the Crystal Ring Liuminaire, hand crafted in steel and crystal by Giffin Design.

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Pendant Lighting from Zanui

Stylish yet affordable pendant lighting from Zanui - the perfect accessory for your ceiling is just a click away.

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