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East Fremantle House by Nic Brunsdon

East Fremantle House

Nic Brunsdon

South Fremantle Western Australia, Australia

Nic Brunsdon is an award-winning architecture studio operating locally and internationally from Perth, Western Australia, and Denpasar, Indonesia.

House B by Whispering Smith

House B

Whispering Smith

South Fremantle Western Australia, Australia

Whispering Smith is a staunchly feminist architecture firm working across both residential and commercial projects. They specialise in working with clients on innovative approaches to delivering architecture and are c...

Bellevue Terrace Extension by Philip Stejskal Architects

Bellevue Terrace Extension

Philip Stejskal Architects

Beaconsfield Western Australia, Australia

Philip Stejskal Architects

House_B by Sandy Anghie Architect


Sandy Anghie Architect

Sandy Anghie is a Perth based architect committed to creating great homes for her clients.

Erpingham House by MSG Architecture

Erpingham House

MSG Architecture

North Fremantle Western Australia, Australia

MSG Architecture are dedicated to the design of sustainable, quality buildings for the Perth, Fremantle and Western Australian conditions.

Adelaide Terrace by vittinoAshe

Adelaide Terrace


Perth Western Australia, Australia

vittinoAshe are an award winning studio committed to architecture through the medium of making.

Fremantle Addition by Jonathan Lake Architects

Fremantle Addition

Jonathan Lake Architects

Jonathan Lake Architects

Hamersley Road Residence by Studio53 Architects

Hamersley Road Residence

Studio53 Architects

Subiaco Western Australia, Australia

Studio53 Architects

 by David Barr Architect

David Barr Architect

David Barr Architect is now known as Cast Studio.