Lego Apartment: Watch As This Micro Apartment is Rearranged Like Lego

Lego Apartment by Barbara Appollini Architect

Flexible Micro Apartment

When Christian Schallert arrives home to his 24 m2 (260 ft2) micro apartment it is little more than an empty shell. The cook, dress, sleep, eat or entertain, he has to rearrange modules and 'build' a new space. All this work keeps him very fit!

Architect Barbara Appollini designed the tiny apartment (in Barcelona's hip Born district) to be flexible and efficient -- making the most of the small space. Inspired by space efficient furniture usually found in boats or caravans combined with the minimalist lines of Japanese homes, the micro apartment feels spacious and flexible despite its pint size.

Check out the video below for a quick tour of the house...

Lego Apartment
Apartments, Joinery, Plywood, Fibre Cement, Bedrooms


From an empty shell, this house can quickly and easily transform into a living area, a kitchen, a bedroom, a study, a dining room or even a bathroom. All it takes is a push, pull, open or close. The bed pulls out to become a step. Pull it out further for a lounge, or extend it fully for a good night's sleep. Once your done, everything disappears again behind closed doors, making the space feel clean and spacious.

Lego Apartment
Joinery, Plywood, Kitchen Cabinets, Bathrooms, Showers, Fibre Cement, Timber Kitchens, Kitchens, Basins

Everything In Its Place

A glass box at one end of the house is a shower and a white cube next to it is the basin. This house was designed for a single person or a couple, so it wasn't necessary to conceal the shower behind closed doors. The toilet gets a little more privacy, hidden behind a cupboard door. Everything has a place -- there's even a nook for storing magazines in the toilet!

A small but full functional kitchen is hidden behind yet another panel. Lift up the door to reveal a sink, oven and preparation space. There's even a full size refrigerator and dishwasher hidden in there!

Lego Apartment
Joinery, Plywood

Open Sesame

The success of this micro apartment is the numerous storage spaces. The architect has designed nooks and cupboards all along one wall to hide away anything that's not being used. That leaves the rest of the space open and clear.

Lego Apartment
Plywood, Showers, Timber Kitchens, Kitchens, Basins, Toilet Suites
Lego Apartment
Joinery, Plywood, Fibre Cement, Basins
Lego Apartment
Fibre Cement, Basins


Hidden cupboards and storage areas are hidden behind openable panels, but the panels are camouflaged by continuing the panels across every surface. You never know where you'll find a secret storage space. This helps the space to feel harmonious and the storage areas become decorative elements as well as functional.

Lego Apartment
Urban Homes, Fibre Cement, Bedrooms
Lego Apartment
Outdoor Areas, Joinery, Plywood, Fibre Cement
Lego Apartment
Outdoor Areas, Folding Doors, Staircases, Fibre Cement, Planters

Outdoor Space

Access to the outdoors makes this micro apartment feel much lager than its 24 m2. The steps can be used as a sunny window seat and the sliding door can be opened to let the fresh air and sun in.

Once on the deck, stairs lead to a second level of deck area complete with daybed and a hot tub with 360° views of Barcelona! This micro apartment just became a luxury micro apartment!

Lego Apartment
Urban Homes, Outdoor Areas, Timber Deck, Planters
Lego Apartment
Outdoor Areas, Timber Deck, Planters
Lego Apartment
Urban Homes, Outdoor Areas, Folding Doors, Planters

It's All About Flexibility

When it comes to small spaces, flexibility is the key. This apartment takes the idea of flexibility to its extreme. The result is a small space that feels much larger than it is. This house could host a party with 40 guests spilling out onto the decks, or it can be a private bathroom for one. Either way it is stylish, intelligent and infinitely versatile.

Perhaps you don't need more space, but rather more flexible space...

If you're visiting Barcelona and you'd like to experience Lego Apartment for yourself, you can book your stay through AirBnB.

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