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We love small houses at Lunchbox Architect. Because size does matter, but not in the way you might think…

Small houses challenge the architect to create a home that defies its size. Multifunctional spaces, built-in storage and other tricks can be used to make even the smallest houses feel spacious.

But most people forget the best part of small house living. You get to spend more time relaxing and enjoying the company of family and friends, because small houses mean so much less to clean and maintain. My Mum always said, 'I don't want a big house, because then I'll just have more to keep clean'. And she's a smart woman, so I reckon she's right!

Take a look at the small homes we've featured on Lunchbox Architect

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#CabinPorn: 7 of Australia's Best Huts, Shacks, Cabins and Retreats

Sometimes people are dicks. Escape and Thoreau yourself into this collection of Australia's best huts, shacks, cabins and retreats...

Proof Even the Slightest Alteration Can Have a Dramatic Impact

Small changes can make a huge difference to the comfort and practicality of a home. New windows and a pivot door transform this studio.

Dilapidated Garage Reimagined as a Creative Little Studio

Located in a tight lane way in Fitzroy, Little Gore Street Studio is a truly unique response to urban densification...

The Hacienda: Big Ideas for a Small Art Deco Apartment

A clever modern makeover of a young professional couples' apartment provides plenty of space for work, rest and play.

Darlinghurst Apartment Proves Good Things Come in Small Packages

Through high quality design, the compact Darlinghurst Apartment provides an affordable option for inner city living…

Permanent Camping: The Joy of Camping Minus the Pains of Pitching a Tent

Permanent Camping brings you in touch with nature in a way only camping can. And because it's permanent, you can forget wrestling with poles and pegs...

Cubby House: A Fun Little Hideaway for Sophisticated Adults

Edwards Moore Architects's Cubby House is a pint-sized apartment packed full of fun. A cubby house made not for kids, but for sophisticated adults.

Sled House: A House You Can Relocate With a Tractor?

Sled House sits in two sleds making relocating it with a tractor a cinch. The whole area is within a coastal erosion zone; All structures must be removable.

Doll’s House: Smallest House on the Street is Transformed

The age-old advice is to buy the worst house on the best street. Doll's House was the smallest house in the trendiest neighborhood, does that count?

The Studio: Mighty Mouse Apartment Punches Above Its Weight

The Studio is inspired by Mighty Mouse. Bright red, yellow and matte black, this tiny apartment is designed to pack a punch -- in spite of its size.

Writer's Shed: A Glowing Hut Hides at the Bottom of the Garden

Hiding at the bottom of a London garden, this glowing writer's shed is the perfect whimsical escape for an author/illustrator who loves children's books.

Goldfields Dwelling: A House Designed Around a Dining Table

When designing this small, 100 m² home in Victoria's goldfields, Architects Design Office started with the dining table to make the house fun and sociable.

The Truffle: See How Paulina the Cow Created This Unusual House

This truffle-inspired hideaway could be a caveman's home. Paulina the cow had a role to play in this unusual home's construction. You'll never guess how...

Tamarama Semi Detached: A Bit of Low Cost Glamor in Tamarama

You wouldn't expect a modest, low-budget renovation in Sydney's luxe suburb Tamarama. Despite the budget, this house has some Tamarama glamor -- Glamarama.

Salt Creek: Sustainable Prefabricated Rural Retreat the Perfect Getaway

Salt Creek Rural Retreat is a one bedroom, one bathroom sustainable accommodation. The tiny prefab building enjoys beautiful views over 20 acres.

Bridge House Touches the Earth Lightly -- Literally and Figuratively

Bridge House takes full advantage of a naturally stunning site, straddling a creek bed and touching the earth lightly environmentally and physically.

Dragonfly House: Tiny Addition is a Model for Compact Living

The Dragonfly is a self-contained addition to an existing holiday home. It maximizes views and appreciation of the site as a model for compact living.

Trunk House: Modern Bush House Built With Trees From Site

Tucked into a particularly wild and isolated part of Victoria's Central Highlands you'll find this small bush house built with trees found on the site.

Port-a-Bach: A Portable Teeny Tiny Shipping Container Home

This 'Bach' - a New Zealand term for a small holiday shack - is built inside a shipping container. It's a self-contained, portable, and fun retreat for a family of four.

Rusty Shipping Container Transformed into a Glamorous Guest House

For less than the price of a new car, a rusty old shipping container is transformed into a stunning guest house. What a bargain!

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