The Studio: Mighty Mouse Apartment Punches Above Its Weight

The Studio by Nicholas Gurney

Mighty Mouse Apartment

If you're a single guy living in one of the world's most expensive cities, affording a place of your own probably seems like an impossible dream, right?

Not necessarily.

The Studio is inspired by Mighty Mouse. This tiny apartment is designed to pack a punch -- in spite of its size...

The Studio
Urban Homes, Apartments
The Studio
Apartments, Joinery, Concrete Floors

An Affordable Option

The studio is in a walk-up apartment block in Sydney's inner-city Wooloomooloo -- an affordable option, but the dated and poorly planned layout put many off.

The Studio
Apartments, Black Kitchens, Joinery, Black Tapware, Concrete Floors, Sliding Door

Colorful Transformation

Yet for just $40,000, this colorful and functional update transformed the space. Oh, and black, yellow and red happen to be the same colors as Mighty Mouse!

The Studio
Urban Homes, Apartments, Joinery, Concrete Floors, Sliding Door

Joinery for Living

A single joinery item runs the whole length of the apartment and contains all the functions of a working apartment -- in half the space. The joinery unit uses melamine for affordability and ease of construction.

The joinery pod conceals an entry foyer, storage, equipment, washing and sleeping zones behind full-height sliding doors. By sliding the doors, the space can be used as a bedroom, living/dining area.

The Studio
Black Kitchens, Black Tapware, Concrete Floors, Kitchen Cabinets, Sliding Door, Kitchens


The ceiling height was lowered to 2.4 m (8 ft) to completely reduce waste of the melamine sheets. As a result, components of the the pod -- such as the doors -- are constructed from a single sheet of melamine.

The simple act of lowering the ceiling to a standard height reduced the energy, time and cost of construction.

The Studio

To conserve space, light and the city skyline outlook, a joinery pod was inserted to address issues of privacy, storage and a lack of living space inherent in apartments this size.

The Studio
The Studio

Matte Black Kitchen

The matte black kitchen at the end of the apartment appears like an extension of the joinery pod. It is a simple and stylish way to integrate the kitchen into the Mighty Mouse color scheme.

The Studio

A Single Person Studio

The Studio is an innovative response to housing affordability. It's a fun, yet practical (and repeatable) solution for single person homes -- the fastest growing demographic.

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