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Define a certain area of your home with a statement rug. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures, so you're sure to find one to suit your unique style.

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Nonna's Rug

Nonna's rug pays homage to the bright orange, cream, and brown brick dwellings of many of Australia's Italian population.

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Noughts Weave Rug

The Noughts Weave Rug is entirely woven by hand by skilled artisans in India. It is made from 100% felted wool and warp 100% cotton, guaranteed to give you the feel of luxuriously soft, warm and textured rug that will surely stand up to every day life.

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Armadillo & Co Flower Weave Dandelion Rug

Delicately crafted from braided and hand stitched soft Bangladeshi hemp, simple circles define this design to create a warm and welcoming area.

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Rugs from Zanui

Good rugs feel fantastic underfoot and highlight stylish colour and design. They also serve a practical purpose - protecting floors from daily scuff marks.

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Armadillo & Co - Safari Weave Rug

Part of the Indoor Outdoor collection, the Safari weave features classic herringbone and brings modest energy to natural tones with a truly timeless pattern. Made from recycled PET Fibre, this rug is suitable for both indoor and sheltered outdoor use.

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Braid Weave Pinwheel Rug Canary by Armadillo & Co

We love this Fair Trade hand woven hemp rug! With a fun circular design, playful pop of colour and hardwearing braided hemp this pinwheel rug will be a welcome addition to your home.

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Stockholm Cotton Designer Rug

Refresh your home with the relaxed colours and pinstripe style of the Stockholm Cotton Designer Rug from Dash & Albert, handmade for exceptional quality.

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Catamaran Outdoor Rug

Inspire your laid-back patio with coastal inclinations found in the classic stripes of the durable Catamaran Outdoor Rug from Dash & Albert.

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Ruray Modern Rug, Grey

Bestow antique-styled elegance upon your space with the Moroccan pattern and plush quality of the Ruray Modern Rug, Grey from Empera.

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