Designed by James Stockwell Architects

At Home with the Landscape

Snowy Mountains House is designed for living off the grid in style. The home is designed to work with nature to resist extreme winds, collect rainwater, shed snow and, of course, capture those remarkable views of the Snowy River Valley and Thredbo Valley.

From outside the home hugs the landscape, looking like it's chiseled from the mountain. Inside, a cocoon of timber warms the space and protects the occupants. James Stockwell Architects have used a number of clever techniques to ensure this home is comfortable, even in the harshest of climates...

Snowy Mountains House Country Homes

Curved Form

The architect had to deal with a very windy climate. The curved form of Snowy Mountains House not only looks great, it is actually a parabolic curve that protects the house from potentially dangerous wind uplift. By curving the roofing and structure down to the ground in this manner, the house achieves the most efficient structure. It can collect water, resist wind loads and shed snow. That's a lot of benefits from one simple and beautiful design decision.

Snowy Mountains House Country Homes

Inspired by Mountain Huts

The use of galvanized corrugated iron draws on the simple mountain huts that dot the Snowy Mountains. This material is low maintenance and partially reflects the surrounding colors, helping the structure to visually bunker into the mountain top.

The curved form of post-war Nissen Huts was another inspiration for the design -- providing a low-cost way to create a sturdy structure.

Solar panels angled in line with the roof generate energy for the home.

Snowy Mountains House Country Homes, Concrete Floors, Dining Areas, Rugs, Coffee Tables

Warm Cocoon

Inside, the home defies its cold, windy location by feeling warm and bright. Good solar orientation, rich, warm materials and plenty of concrete for thermal mass ensure the home is a cozy retreat from the cold.

A wood fireplace is tied into a hydronic floor heating system. Hot water is piped into the concrete slab to efficiently warm the whole house, taking advantage of the concrete's thermal mass. Radiant floor heating is a great way to warm a house -- it's comfortable for occupants and provides a gentle, all-round heat.

The fireplace provides hot water for the house as well as the floor heating system.

Snowy Mountains House Plywood, Concrete Floors, Bedrooms

Storage Nooks in Leftover Space

James Stockwell Architects have created vertical internal walls under the curved form of roof. The triangular spaces between the roof and walls is put to good use as storage space and housing for the fireplace.

Snowy Mountains House Plywood, Concrete Floors, Dining Areas

Snowy Mountains House Country Homes, Dining Areas

Windows Capture the View

Windows are cut like slices out of the curved form. They are angled to maximize sun access and capture those beautiful views of the valley below.

Snowy Mountains House Plywood Kitchen, Concrete Floors, Kitchens, Dining Areas

Bathed in Natural Light

Natural light floods the living space, providing natural heating to supplement the wood-burning fireplace. The concrete slab takes advantage of this natural light, absorbing the heat during the day and releasing it during the night.

Snowy Mountains House Country Homes, Concrete Floors, Dining Areas

Snowy Mountains House Country Homes, Bathrooms, Baths

Snowy Mountains House Plywood, Concrete Floors, Basins

Snowy Mountains House Concrete Floors

Snowy Mountains House Country Homes, Water Collection

Rainwater Collection

Two water tanks collect rainwater for reuse in the house. Rainwater collected from this pristine mountain location is some of the most pure in the world.

Snowy Mountains House Country Homes

Snowy Mountains House Country Homes

Living off the Grid in Style

Snowy Mountains House collects its own water and generates energy and hot water for heating and use in the house. It is designed for living off the grid, without sacrificing on aesthetics.

The house is at one with nature: designed to be efficient, low maintenance and take full advantage of its spectacular location. It undoubtably succeeds.

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