Designed by Durbach Block Jaggers Architects

Despite strict heritage controls and a tight site, Durbach Block Jaggers Architects manage to deliver Sixel Miller Cottage - a charming and bright home...

Sixel Miller Cottage Skylights, Dining Areas, Rugs, Timber Ceilings

This new cottage in the Watsons Bay heritage conservation area is an exploration into the language of weatherboard seaside cottages, street verandas and simple connections to gardens.

Sixel Miller Cottage Eames Chairs, Staircases, Dining Areas

Sixel Miller Cottage Joinery, White Kitchens, Skylights, Kitchens, Timber Ceilings, Clerestory Windows

A full brief combined with a tight site necessitated a clever design that maximises both space and light. Durbach Block Jaggers Architects demonstrated their skill at both planning and detailing, by creating a home that feels light and spacious, in spite of a southern orientation and a narrow site.

Sixel Miller Cottage Outdoor Areas, Staircases, Dining Areas, Timber Ceilings

Sixel Miller Cottage Timber Houses

The design connects spaces across the two levels and encourages the play of light and ventilation thanks to light scoops, skylights and shutters. Essentially a south facing site, the ground floor living and dining is designed to maximise light by opening completely onto the garden.

Sixel Miller Cottage Skylights, Staircases

Sixel Miller Cottage Open Plan Living, Sliding Glass Doors, Staircases, Dining Areas, Timber Ceilings

A services core is burried (quite literally) behind the living area into the steep site.

Sixel Miller Cottage Timber Houses

The upper floor plan of bedrooms and bathrooms departs from conventional cottage planning by being bisected by the void that scoops down into the living area below and up towards the sky above - a light scoop that effectively bathes the lower floor in light.

Sixel Miller Cottage House Plans

Sixel Miller Cottage House Plans

Sixel Miller Cottage is a delightfully modern home, full of well designed details and attention to elements that make living joyful - the play of light, connection to the outdoors and quality, refined materials. In spite of its constraints - heritage controls, poor orientation and a small, steep site, Sixel Miller Cottage really delivers the whole package.

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