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February 2017

Jindalee Outlook House by Trace Studio (via Lunchbox Architect)

1970s Home Opens Up Front and Back to Connect Indoors and Outdoors

A series of small additions left this home's living areas dark and detached from the garden, but Trace Studio have changed all that.

Suburban Beach House by Cast Studio & Ross Brewin Architecture + Urbanism (via Lunchbox Architect)

Suburban Beach House: What Happens When You Cross a Queenslander with a West Australian?

No, it's not a Clive Palmer/Gina Rinehart franken-baby. It's a suburban beach house with a view.

Studio Garage by Krisna Cheung Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

A Translucent Studio Creates a Soft Backdrop for an Inner City Yard

A garage and studio with seperate access from the laneway is a flexible and sensitive space at the rear of this inner-city terrace.

Waverley House by Sam Crawford Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Could You Live Overseas During the Construction of Your Home?

With a good architect, much of the stress of building can be alleviated. This home was renovated while the owners were overseas!

John & Kathleen's by Irons McDuff Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Clever Joinery and a Motto of Doing More With Less Is the Answer

Updates to this elegant, but out-of-touch 1940s home hark back to the era it was built - when houses were small but functional.

Samford Valley Small House by BAA House + BAA Studio (via Lunchbox Architect)

This Modern Tropical Home is a Granny Flat for a Hip Elderly Couple

A modern retreat for an elderly couple built on the family property - the perfect spot to enjoy retirement close to family.

White Shack by mishack (via Lunchbox Architect)

A Rural Retreat Fit for an '80s Pop Star and His Creative Family

Built for a family bursting with creative souls, this shack needed to be as stylish and as interesting as the people living in it.

Residence R by Open Studio Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Proof Even the Slightest Alteration Can Have a Dramatic Impact

Small changes can make a huge difference to the comfort and practicality of a home. New windows and a pivot door transform this studio.

Clerestory House by Lai Cheong Brown (via Lunchbox Architect)

A Stunning Timber Lined Clerestory is the Centrepiece of This Reno

This renovated interwar house is now perfect home for a retired couple and adult family member plus a meeting place for nearby family.

Mt Duneed House by Lachlan Shepherd Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Rusty and Weathered, This Home Looks Like It Has Been Here Forever

Built from recycled timber and rusting steel, this Mt Duneed home already looks old, yet is built to last with little maintenance.

Mt Macedon House by Field Office Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

A Home On a Challenging Site is Designed to Resist Bushfire

Built on a challenging site with significant bushfire risk, this home enjoys amazing views over bushland in the Macedon Ranges.

Coogee House by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Turning Two Art Deco Duplex Apartments Into One Modern Family Home

'When Two Become One'. Not just a Spice Girls hit, also the story of transforming two duplex apartments into one cohesive family home.

Dorman House by Austin Maynard Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

A Beautiful Old Beach Shack Retains Its Classic Charms

"There are too many beautiful old shacks being demolished, and Austin Maynard Architects won’t be part of it."

Park Street Residence by B.E Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

New Life for a Victorian-Era House Fit for Multi-Generational Living

Reimagining a heritage home to fulfil the modern needs of three generations of the one family, highlighting its layered history.

T+D Residence by buck&simple (via Lunchbox Architect)

Light Streams Into This Compact yet Versatile Open-Plan Living Area

Combining rich, raw materials and plenty of natural light, this compact living area feels larger and more luxurious than its footprint.

#thebarnTAS by workbylizandalex (via Lunchbox Architect)

Barn Conversion Does "As Much As Necessary, As Little As Possible"

This incredible barn conversion retains much of the original stone and timber work highlighted against new insertions where necessary.

Neumannhaus by ITN Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Backyard Extension Takes its Cues from Nearby Buildings and Garages

This light-filled extension has an industrial feel to it thanks to using the mix of nearby garages and light industry as inspiration.

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